Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Robbie's Visit

We are about halfway into our 2 1/2 week visit with Robbie and we have been keeping VERY busy. We get out and do a field trip every day, with no exceptions, and it's been really fun. We've gone to all of our old haunts (the Children's Museum twice, the park, the other park, the indoor playground, the go-kart racetrack, and the Botanical Gardens), as well as branched out and tried new things.

Today, for example, we went to the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. It was great! Paprika and Robbie both seemed to enjoy it a lot. On the first floor, there is a great exploratory room with live snakes, tarantulas, and other creatures- even a stuffed polar bear that kids can pet. Paprika thought that was just about the neatest thing ever! She had a wonderful time running all around the museum. She did NOT want to be in her stroller or be told where to go. So, we let her run free. She was so interested in everything- especially the huge dinosaur skeletons and the exhibits of elephants and other African mammals (all stuffed, of course).

Having Robbie around makes me really excited to have more children- even though he is much older than Paprika, it is so wonderful to see the excitement in her eyes from having another "kid" to play with. It makes even hanging out at home exciting for Paprika.

We had a wonderful time at the pool party over the weekend. Paprika LOVED the water and did not want to get out of the pool. She wanted to "swim" on her own with the inflatable tube around her for the full 2 1/2 hours we were there. Of course, either Mr. Mustard or I was with her the entire time. But, as soon as we got to the pool party, she wanted in the pool, and we had to drag her out to go home. She had such an awesome time!

One of Paprika's favorite things right now is to go hunting for snakes and spiders. She found a rubber snake in our neighbor's planter and wants to go visit the snake everyday. She wants to pet the snake and kiss it! It's just a rubber snake, but she thinks it's real. So, when she wakes up from her nap in the afternoon, we go "see snake!" and ride her bike around the block. It's the highlight of her afternoon, and it's nice for me to get out for a relaxing walk before sundown.

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