Thursday, July 31, 2008

Paprika's Art

Paprika is VERY interested in drawing right now. She could spend half the day with her markers and crayons creating her masterpieces. If you ask her what she's doing, she says, "Mama, I'm just drawing." And then she goes right back to work.

In addition, this 23rd month of Paprika's life has been brightened by the introduction of our "Learning Tower"- which is a type of toddler step ladder that lets her explore things at adult height. She can spend a lot of time in the Learning Tower, playing with water in the sink, and if you ask her what she's doing, she'll say, "I'm just washing dishes!" Very helpful. She does get VERY wet, though, and we end up changing her clothes multiple times when she plays in the water.

Paprika is still REALLY into singing and makes up all sorts of songs (with real words now). Her favorite song that she made up herself goes "I wash hands and fingers- don't forget!" It's pretty cute. She can also sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider (with hand motions), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (also with hand motions), Ring Around the Rosie, the ABC song, Happy Birthday Song, and her favorite- Rockabye Baby.

We started singing Rockabye Baby to her when she goes to bed at night when we got back from the hospital after delivering Vivian and Annemarie. It was a good transition from nursing Paprika to sleep. Well, now SHE sings Rockabye Baby to us- and it sounds something like this (with lots of emphasis): Rockabye BABY on the TREETOP when the wind BLOWS the cradle will ROCK. When the bow BREAKS the cradle will FALL. And down will come BABY cradle and all. If she's singing it and we're not keeping up with her version, she just sings her version louder. Then when she's done, she says "night night mommy and daddy." :-)

The other really cute thing she's doing is when I ask her what certain animals say, she tells me- cat says meow, dog says woof, etc. (that's all old hat)- but when I ask her what a Mommy says, she shouts "I LOVE YOU!" That's pretty awesome. And true!

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