Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beach Day!

Yesterday, Paprika, Robbie, and I spent the whole day at the beach. Robbie had a great time bodysurfing and even made friends with a boy his age. Paprika liked looking at the seagulls and watching the waves crash against the shoreline. It was sunny and gorgeous, and we all had a great time just relaxing by the ocean.

Paprika surprised me because she is still scared of the sand at the beach. She would not let me put her down on the sand. She was okay when she was on our beach blanket, but when we first got to the beach, she was terrified of the sand. All the other toddlers were running in the sand, but Paprika would not touch it. When I tried to build her a sandcastle, she got so upset that I was touching the sand with my fingers. She even put her face down in the blanket, put her hat over her head, and tried to block out even looking at the sand.

Paprika hiding from the sand:

But eventually she sat up on the beach blanket and was very happy to look around at everyone- so long as no sand got on the blanket! I carried her down to the water a few times, but she was too scared to put her feet in the sand even in the ocean water. We had a great time playing games on the beach blanket, though, and it was actually pretty nice not to have to run after Paprika all over the beach. It's not usually the case that she's so happy to sit down on a blanket for so long. We ate mangos and other snacks and had a great time pointing out the seagulls, the helicopters, the other babies, and the ocean waves.

Robbie had a fantastic time in the water. I think he is becoming a California boy before my eyes! :-)

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