Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Weekend!

First things first. I finally bought a backpack for Paprika! After all that stressing about finding the perfect one, I went to the Pottery Barn Kids store yesterday and picked this one up for her. The backpacks were on sale (my weakness, of course) - and I knew I didn't have time to order one online since school starts Wednesday. I actually wanted a different pattern (the blue butterfy one, since blue is now Paprika's favorite color)- but they only offered it online, and so I just got this one since it was there. It is actually kinda growing on me.

(This is a photo from the Pottery Barn Kids website- I didn't have a chance to take a pic of Paprika with hers yet...but this is the pattern we got):


I was going to get her name embroidered on the back because: how cute is that???...but then I kept thinking about how if her name is on the back someone could call out her name and she might think that they know her...and next thing you know she's getting in the car with a stranger. Not that it would happen, but in my paranoid mind, that was enough for me to decide: no monogram.

Plus, now Ginger can inherit the bag when Paprika is too big for it!

Then we went to the pool for a day of open/free swim. We were there about an hour when, I kid you not, they evacuated the pool because someone went #2 in the pool. So gross! I promise you, it was not our family! We all had to evacuate the pool and they shut the whole aquatic center down for the day. Drama!


Can I just say I am so glad that we ended summer swim lessons on Friday? I am not wanting to go back to the pool anytime soon after the visual I saw yesterday!


Then, Mr. M and Paprika ran a bunch of errands for the next few hours. They ended up over at the house of the people who sold us our Craigslist bunkbeds. They have a little boy Paprika's age, and Mr. M and Paprika stopped over there to get a part for the beds...and Paprika and the little boy ended up playing together forever. So cute!


I stayed home with Ginger. She is my little tornado, and so fun. I think she's about 100x more exahusting when Paprika is gone because she always has a built-in playmate in Paprika.


She is just a singing, dancing ball of we had fun staying home and having some one on one time. I know we will have a lot more afternoons like this when Paprika is in kindergarten!


Today, Paprika had a birthday party to go to - it was in the afternoon at one of those jumpy jumpy places. I was really concerned that she would not be able to handle it, sensory-wise...but she did okay. There were only about 10 kids there, and the only part she had a really hard time with was the food. When they had the food and cake (it was strawberry, not chocolate), I just took her to the cafe and let her have her own snack. The smells in the party room were just too much for her. But she had a great time playing in the structure with the other kids.

Since I was a little concerned with how Paprika would do at the party, I took her by myself while Mr. M stayed home with Ginger. We were gone about three hours, and I missed Ginger so much! I realized that I am pretty much never away from Ginger for a rare night out with Mr. M. At the end of the party, all I wanted was to get home to my Ginger-bear and give her a big hug!


So, that's the thing...when I'm with Ginger, she totally exhausts me and I want to go lay down! But when I leave for even an hour or two, I just want to race home to her and throw my arms around her! That's life with a two year old, right? :-)


Sheila said...

Really love the backpack. It's not so little girly that she'll outgrow it right away. Good call on the personalization unless you want to use your last name. Although it is a popular first name too for boys. the #2. Glad they caught it so maybe no one will get pink eye.
I feel your pain. For me it was going to the grocery store. There were times I just needed a grown up outing kind of break. By the time I was checking out I couldn't wait to get home to my babies with the little treats I'd picked up for them at the store. Usually a Little Golden book, barrettes, animal cookies. Why do they always smell so extra sweet when they've been away from us for like 30 minutes or more? I just have to smother myself in their sweetness.

Faith Jones said...

Boy is that the truth. My little man is almost 2-1/2 and I feel the same way. :)

Heather said...

Yep, I just write my daughters name on the inside of her backpack with a marker. A little bit of paranoia is a good thing,keeps us safer.