Sunday, August 21, 2011

All By Myself!


It is so fun watching Ginger's personality emerge. I couldn't have predicted how different in personality she would be to Paprika. They fit together like pieces of a puzzle and compliment each other so well.

Ginger is a little bit bossy, knows her mind, and is full of energy and love! She will tell you where to sit, what to eat, and exactly what she wants to wear.

Her favorite thing to say right now is: no way! Everything is No Way, Mama.

She is not particularly great at sharing (yet), and still has a tendency to bite people when she gets frustrated. Okay, she just has a tendency to bite Paprika when she wants something Paprika has. We are working on that, too!

She is very sweet, and very protective. She is always patting my tummy and wanting to know all about Pavenzia, or Zia, as she calls her! She calls Paprika Yaya, and we have no idea why.

She fits right in wherever she goes, and is generally a go-with-the-flow kinda girl. Much of her life right now revolves around Paprika's schedule (swim lessons, playdates, etc.) On Friday, I took both the girls to open swim after Paprika's swim lesson, and Ginger wanted to swim by herself, jump in the pool by herself, and of course got upset when I tried to help her even just a little bit.

Everything right now with her is in an "I can do it all by myself" stage. She really thinks she is 5 years old...I mean, she will tell you she's 2 (except when she tells you she's 4). She wants to sleep in a big bed like Yaya does (instead of her crib), wants to buckle her own seatbelt, open her own juice boxes, read her own books (recite from memory), put on her own shoes, not take naps (like Yaya), and in general just do it all on her own.

I am not ready for my baby to be a big girl quite so soon! But I guess she has other plans, and that's good, right? She is just always surprising me, and I love that!

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Sheila said...

Speaking Greek at your house? Yaya and Zia it is.
Life is always fun with a bit of sugar and spice.
I definitely think Ginger thinks of herself as a big girl and is ready to fill the shoes of big sister too. Time is flying by, it's not your mind playing tricks on you.