Sunday, August 14, 2011

Favorite Spot!


This is Ginger's favorite spot in our house. If you leave her alone for a second, she will pull a chair over and climb up on top of the dryer, and help herself to whatever's in the cabinets.

Why is this cabinet her favorite?

Because it's where all the chocolate is stored! Smart girl. Looks like I need to find a new hiding place! Ha! :-)


Mimi said...

yea, a new hiding place or a lock!
Brillian photo to bribe her with in later years, the look on that face is priceless!

Sheila said...

Monkeys climb, always have, always will! She may not have focused on it yet, soon the cabinet over the refrigerator will be tempting too.

ooo,ooo,ah,ah... did this my whole life. You'll never convince a curious child that there isn't something special tucked away in there. Oh, I have to correct myself. The only way to curb it is to remove everything from the cabinet and have her help you refill the cabinet watching where everything is going. You'll also have to ask her where you should store the chocolate. Move it from that cabinet to a lower spot. Only put a few chocolate pieces there at a time. Ziploc the chocolate and store in the back of the fridge. My monkey still loves chocolate and looks for it every time he comes home! haha! Last time he actually accused me of moving the chocolate to a new spot just where he'd have to look for it or ask where it is! I couldn't stop laughing, like I would actually do that? I do now if I know he's coming though. I'll play the game, you little monkey!