Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthday Girl!


Yesterday was Paprika's official birthday, so we had to celebrate a little...even though her party isn't until this weekend.

Here is the play-by-play of our day! (I want to record it for my own memories)...

Paprika woke up about an hour before Ginger, came into bed with me, snuggled, and then I made her breakfast. She wore her special princess birthday hat she's been waiting to wear forever (about a month)!

After breakfast, we got Ginger up and dressed, and went to swimming. After swimming we swung by McD's for a "Happy Meal" (the girls split one) and then had a little picnic at Paprika's new school. Then we came home, changed clothes, and headed over to our friends' house for a playdate with Abigail, a girl Paprika met at swimming.

Over the past two months Paprika has made a good friend in Abigail and I have made friends with Abigail's mom. They just moved here from Korea and speak almost no English (seriously)- but yet we can all understand eachother quite well. Abigail's mom tells me that I'm her best (and only!) friend, so it was sweet we got to spend the afternoon with them. They had a cake with five candles for Paprika, and both Abigail and Paprika got matching swimsuits. Appropriate because the girls swim together five days/week!


Then we came home and waited for Mr. M to get home from work to open presents and have cake! Mr. M got a beautiful chocolate cake for Paprika.


She blew out her big "5" candle and made a wish. When she was done wishing, she said: Do you know what I wished for, mama? To grow up and be a real blue mermaid! :-)


Paprika opened presents - she was so excited about all of her presents! One of her presents was a light-up blue mermaid doll from my Grandma - she was so excited about it she wanted to take a bath with it...thankfully it was meant to go in the tub! So, off to the bath the girls went.


Then it was bedtime - all Paprika has wanted forever is to sleep in Ginger's room. Since it was her birthday, we decided it would be long as they were not troublemakers and got some sleep. Ginger has a big, comfy full-sized bed in her room, so the plan was that Paprika would sleep there and Ginger would sleep in her crib.


We put the girls to bed - but then Ginger had an absolute fit that she had to sleep in her crib and not with Paprika in the big bed. I mean, I have never seen Ginger so upset.

So, we decided against our better judgement to let the girls sleep in the full sized bed together. I kept the baby monitor on so I could listen to them. They stayed up until midnight whispering to eachother. When they finally quieted down, we went in to check on them and they were curled up together. They both slept until about 9am this morning.

When they woke up, I heard them chatting for a few minutes. Paprika said, "What did you dream about?" Ginger said, "Brown puppies!" Then Ginger said, "What did you dream about, Yaya?" (her name for Paprika)...and Paprika answered back, "I dreamt I was in a recital and fairies came and danced around me." :-)

So sweet.

Both girls are a little tired today...but I guess that's to be expected! Ha!



Sarah said...

That is such a sweet story! I remember nights like that with my sisters too! Memories they will never forget!

Kim said...

So special that they had a little slumber party together:)The picture of Paprika and her cake is the cutest!

Lori said...

This comment doesn't apply to your post, but your comment left on simple h.
You may want to see if your state has a public, virtual school (they do). This might be a good way to receive services, while still having your child at home.

Brenna said...

Happy belated birthday to your sweet girl! Five already?! Wow!!! Your family is just so beautiful and special, E. I love hearing about the closeness your girls share.

Thanks for your note on my blog, by the way--if things don't work out soon, I'll definitely give the soy isoflavins a try.