Monday, August 1, 2011

Christmas In July!


Last week, we had Christmas in July. Paprika wanted to get out all the decorations, do a full-fledged Christmas tree, hang up the stockings, bake the Christmas cookies, and wait it out for Santa to visit us.

I appeased her by letting her decorate the orange tree in our backyard. Have you ever seen a more festive orange tree, especially in July?


The girls had a great time decorating the tree, and it took up a good part of the afternoon. I was planning on getting rid of these glass ornaments anyway, so it was a good excuse for know, when Daisy (the puppy) came crashing by a few hours later...just like I figured she would! ;-)


But it was fun while it lasted! :-)


Paprika's still got swim lessons every day - which means most days we just hang out in our suits until sundown. As you can see, she is a big fan of my shoes! Ha!


We spent part of the weekend in Newport Beach visiting old friends, and swimming in the pool at their swanky hotel. Good times!


I hit the 25 week mark with Pavenzia. Yes, I am a fan of sunscreen. Why do you ask?


I have really started to feel pregnant these past few weeks. Lots of kicks from the inside to remind me who is growing in there! I am getting bigger, which slows me down a bit. My blood pressure is freakishly low right now (80/40), which means I am dizzy and on the verge of fainting most of the time. The doctor says to just take it easy, rest, and drink lots of water. Easier said than done, but I'm doing my best! ;-)


Sunday we went to the "Requarium" (Paprika still calls it that). It was sooo packed, I could have sworn there were a billion people there. Paprika made drawings of the sea life, and Ginger had a great time checking out all the feesh!


When the crowds got to be just too much, we went out to the Long Beach Harbor, and Ginger chased the birds:


Then we had a picnic under a shady tree in the Harbor, and the girls made a jungle gym out of the modern art.


Who knew sculpture could be so much fun?


We have been enjoying our lazy mornings, complete with messy hair over a leisurely breakfast.


And long afternoons of playing the yard. Ginger, at all of 25 months, has dropped her one nap of the day. So, no breaks for me! She is following in her big sister's no naps after age 2 footsteps, what can I say?


Now that August is here, we are in the homestretch before school starts, and it is all just a little more sweet knowing that our summer days are numbered. Paprika is really excited about school starting, which makes the next phase just as exciting, I suppose. Even so, I sure will miss our lazy breakfasts, days of swimming, and playing until sunset in the backyard. Even in this place where summer lasts forever, there is still something so sweet about August afternoons.

Till next time, friends!


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Sheila said...

I'm beginning to believe there is something to this "Christmas in July" thing. I always thought it was a merchandising thing till this week. My husband was singing a Christmas carol while we were driving in the car! What? He doesn't really sing much and not usually a Christmas carol. We just laughed it off. Then I realized that there had been a few Christmas movies on the TV too. Now you have the girls wanting to decorate trees. A side from the warm, fuzzy feeling Christmas memories bring, I wonder why we tap into this in summer?
The girls are adorable, I love when you post pictures of them decorating the Christmas tree.
You look good, pale, but good. I hope the blood pressure improves. I know you'll feel better when it does. Sorry Ginger has given up her naps. Charlie is now only taking one a day. I think he could use an afternoon nap but he is content to be in his crib and read instead. Yes, he stays in his crib, doesn't cry and entertains himself. If he weren't in the crib he'd be walking into walls or falling down. So funny, he just keeps circling or swaying side to side. Once he's in the crib he's good for about 2 hours. This afternoon crib time without sleep started this week. He is 17 months today. Hugs to you all.