Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Party!


We did it! We had Paprika's 5th birthday party this weekend at our house, and surprisingly (at least to me!) it went off without a hitch. :-)

Paprika got to invite five friends (one for every year of her life)- and she set the theme and helped pick out the decorations and the cake. She wanted a "blue mermaid" party, so that is what she got! Well, actually is was more of an Ariel Little Mermaid party (because that's what they sell at Party City)- but close enough, right?


We got a big chocolate cake, and then decorated it ourselves. Mr. M wrote Happy Birthday and drew a blue mermaid on the cake. He is a man of many talents! :-)

Grandma Pat was a big help. She brought down lots of food, and even made up some games for the kids to play along with prizes. She planned a treasure hunt that was the hit of the party!


The girls also played a fishing game, Pin the Crown on the Mermaid, and the big fish pinata was the finale of the party. So fun!


We set up our bounce house for the little kids, and spent a lot of time outside (thankfully it was a beautiful day and there was no construction noise- hallelujah!)


I underestimated how exhausting party planning is - haha. So many of my friends make it look so easy and effortless. How do they do that?! I really did enjoy the party quite a lot, and was glad we did it...but I think I need a year to recover. Haha!

Paprika did great at the party - we kept it short and small so it wouldn't be overwhelming for her. She did great! I think the activities kept things moving. Ginger fit right in and thought it was her birthday party, too! :-)

Then on Sunday, we went to a double birthday party- Devon's daughters turned 2 and 5! It was a great party- ladybug themed and they had musical entertainment.


Next weekend we have two birthday parties to attend. August seems to be the month of birthday parties...at least around these parts!


Amber E. said...

Ah, it looks like P had a great day and a wonderful party :) It was also nice to see Devon, miss reading her blog after all these years.

Best to you and hope you are surviving the heat of Summer with your pregnancy.

siri said...

Hosting a party IS hard work! Great job :) I couldn't bring myself to do it this year, Cade's was at the local bowling alley :)