Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blue Mermaids and Peacocks!


I have come down off the ledge about Daisy. The past few days have been a lot better. I need to manage my expectations about her, and realize that what she is going through is just a phase...and if we stick it out, things will get better (trust me, they can only get better!)

In the meantime, I took the girls with me to Petsmart and bought an arsenal of chew toys for Daisy (the good kind) and interviewed some doggie trainers. I think a lot of my frustration with her has to do with me being in my third trimester! What???!!! Yep, that's right, third trimester. And I am feeling it.

Today we had a great time with Daisy. I forgot my camera (ahhhhh! I get so mad at myself when that happens)...but basically Mr. M stayed home while Ginger napped, and Paprika and I took Daisy on a long walk/adventure around the neighborhood. Paprika walked Daisy, and I swear, those pictures would have been some of the cutest EVER if I'd actually had my camera with me. We ended up at Paprika's elementary school, and Daisy had the best time frolicking in the grass while Paprika played on the playground. It was perfect...if even just for that moment.

Summer is chugga-chugging along. Paprika turns FIVE on Tuesday. I have been an emotional basketcase about it. Crying one minute and then laughing the next. Again, I think it has something to do with third trimester hormones...but also, I think it's normal when your baby is all of a sudden turning five and heading off to real school.


For the past month, Paprika, Ginger, and I have had a picnic lunch pretty much every day outside Paprika's new elementary school so Paprika can get comfortable with her school before her first day. Juggling two kids, it is not always a perfect picnic (especially when sharing is involved). Haha! That's just life. So, last weekend, I took Paprika by myself and we had the best time. We laid down a blanket in the grass behind her classroom and talked about everything under the sun.

Paprika's favorite topics of conversation are: Halloween, her birthday, and Christmas...all in that order. This year she wants to be a blue peacock for Halloween (I'm already scouring Ebay for the perfect costume)...and she wants to have a BIG mermaid party for her birthday. Paprika really wants to be a real mermaid when she grows up.

So, at our picnic, we talked all about her birthday party. She gets to invite five guests because she is turning five. I am a little worried that five guests is going to be too much for her sensory-wise, so I am crossing my fingers that all goes as planned. Should be interesting! :-)

That night, after our beautiful picnic together, I spotted this mural when I went on my date with Mr. M. It reminded me of the magical mermaid party we have planned for Paprika. I think I am as excited as she is! Now, I just have to get everything together for her party next week. Eeek!


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