Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy, Happy!


Today was Mr. M and my 8 year wedding anniversary. Eight years ago tonight, we exchanged vows at my grandparents' church in Indianapolis, followed by an enchanted reception at my Aunt Laura and Uncle Kevin's house. Our wedding was small - 50 guests - and it was totally perfect for us. I can't help but smile big when I think of that night and how magical it all was.

Tonight we had a little date down at the beach, followed up by dinner out at a grown-up place while Grandma Pat stayed home and watched Paprika and Ginger (and Daisy!) We talked about everything good that's happened these past eight years, skipped over the bad, and had a good laugh (and I might have even cried once or twice...pregnancy hormones!)

I never take any of my time with Mr. M for granted...it was just so good to look back at our 11 years together (3 dating + 8 married) and just enjoy those memories together for an evening. So much time these days is spent in the moment that we hardly ever get the chance to look back and reflect...


Speaking of the here and now, I had a doctor's checkup today for little Pavenzia. I am now 26+ weeks pregnant with her. The doctor had some concerns today about my fluid level, so I had an ultrasound and got to see her little face. It was such a precious moment. The fluid level ended up being fine, and so it was a good appointment. I am so grateful for those! Can't believe in 3 months I will (hopefully) be holding her in my arms. It is hard to believe...we are so very excited to meet her (even though I feel like I already know her!)


Grandma Pat came down on Sunday to help us with the girls and she leaves tomorrow. It has been great having her here, and she has been such a help. Thanks, Pat!


Paprika is undergoing some medical testing at the Children's Hosptial, and so Pat watched Ginger while Mr. M and I took Paprika to her first appointment. Paprika's appointment was on Monday, and everything went really well. We have to go back a few more times, but so far, things are looking positive, which is just wonderful.


On Sunday, we celebrated Grandma Pat's birthday. Paprika picked out the cake and the candles. She was so proud of herself! Ha! :-)

I have a ton of photos and stories to add...just fun and funny things that have happened in the past week. I will be adding those over the next few days! Right now we have an appointment to watch Season 5 of Friday Night Lights (we started watching Season 1 on Netflix a few weeks ago...and well, we are addicted). I can't wait to see how it ends...shhhh..don't tell me!

Until next time! :-)


Sheila said...

Love all the cute pictures and special times they represent.
I hope you bought a Lotto ticket and played "8".
What a pretty necklace you have on.
Hope all continues to go well for Paprika and Pavenzia.
Sending you hugs,health,happiness and all of life's blessings as you celebrate another year.

THAT'S Interesting said...

The picture of Ginger with Grandma Pat is so precious, Erika! Congratulations on your anniversary! Emily

noswimmers said...

Happy Anniversary! You look beautiful as always, and I'm so happy to hear the little one is doing well!
And oh Paprika...you can pick out my birthday cake ANY day - yummy! :)

Stunningly Sweet said...

Happy Anniversary! You have such a beautiful family. The more I read your posts the name Pavenzia grows on me-has it started to become more than just a nickname in your house too?!

Mama L. said...

You look absolutely amazing!!! The pic of you and Mr. M is adorable...it's not so often we get him in the pic WITH you. And I just have to say that your picture of just you in with the sunset by the pier....stunning. You are glowing, dear, and look amazing. :)

Happy Anniversary.