Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Slippery Fish!


We are in the middle of Week 9 of daily swim lessons. The change in Paprika from the beginning of the summer is pretty phenomenal. When we first started, she was scared of the water and would not put her head in the pool. Now, she can swim freestyle (sorta), go all the way underwater, touch the bottom of the pool, and swim on her back.

Two weekends ago, Paprika had a major breakthrough at the pool...she jumped in! I was starting to wonder if she would ever do that...she had SUCH a fear of jumping in and would cry and just NOT do it for anything.

She overcame her fear (after 30 minutes of incessant prodding) and jumped in! Then she decided she liked it so much she did it 60 times in a row. So proud of her! And she's been doing it ever since!

I can't believe that next summer Ginger will be old enough to start taking lessons at the pool (you have to be 3 years old, which she will be in June). I think I know where we'll be next summer, too! It's all good, just so long as I don't have to wear a bathing suit! Ha! ;-)

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