Sunday, June 19, 2011

U2 360 Tour!

Saturday, Mr. M and I went to see U2 in concert. It was a show two years in the making (we bought our tickets in 2009) - so when the day arrived, it was kinda surreal!


We got an email saying that parking was going to be insane, so we left early and decided to just enjoy the late afternoon at the stadium, indulge in some overpriced stadium food, and relax. It was a great idea...we encountered very little traffic and had no problems parking!

The girls stayed home with Grandma Pat. She drove down from Santa Barbara to babysit. Thank you, Grandma Pat!

Of course, Pavenzia came along for the ride. Here is my 19 week belly pic:


We got there before the stadium filled up. We had assigned seats close to the front. General admission (GA) was in the center of the field. In the future, I might just get the GA tickets- but with me being pregnant, I am so glad we had the seats. We considered trading our tix for Red Zone, which is standing right up against the stage- but it was kinda crazy down there and not something I wanted to risk pregnant. Next time!


The stage was pretty incredible! It looked like an alien ship had landed.


Mr. M taking in the sunshine:


They brought in some nice, gourmet-ish vendors to the event, so the food was actually really great! I even split a Pepsi with Mr. M (I haven't had a soda since last Thanksgiving)- I needed all the energy I could get! Ha!


It was pretty special having Pavenzia there with us. I was wondering what she could hear...especially when things got loud.


Lenny Kravitz opened. I saw him in concert about 15 years ago! So it was a blast from the past! :-)


Of course, the excitement really started when U2 came out to play. It was an incredible, amazing show. Mr. M and I agreed it was the best concert we've seen! I really don't know how it could have been better!


Mr. Bono, himself...


At one point the screen at the top of the stage expanded to make this sort of hive-looking thing. I think maybe it was supposed to be the alien light beaming them up into the ship? I don't know, but it was spectacular!


Overall, it was just a really great night. The kind that you file away in your memory as a night to really remember.


We took a bunch of videos of the show. Here is the start of the concert:


Sheila said...

Fantastic! It's so nice to have alone time to reconnect as a couple. Ya'll seem to have had the best time.
Your baby bump is so cute. Love that you got a photo of her Daddy kissing her for her baby book. I'm sure she'll like knowing she was along for the ride and her first concert was U2!
Rock on baby girl! Did she dance?

Lisa said...

Great pictures. I'm glad you made it to the concert. Paprika must be feeling better. :)