Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My 10 Week Old Bay-bay!


Daisy is now 10 weeks old. Well, 10 weeks 4 days, but who's counting, right? Haha.

She is growing. I need to weigh her because I am certain she's gained at least a few pounds in the two weeks we've had her.

She is doing awesome. I am learning so much about puppy training, and every day I realize even more that I know nothing! Haha. It feels like first child syndrome. I monitor Daisy's every move. She's not eating?! Must be dire. Should I call the pediatrician...I mean vet? Then it turns out she just wasn't hungry that second. ;-)

I was babying her a bit much...which started to cause some dominance issues. Just normal stuff...basically, she started to think that she was #2 in command (behind me). She was nipping at the girls a lot, and getting out of line.

At first we tried spraying her with water when she nipped at the girls (because I read about that little tip online)...well, she loved it. She is part water-dog, and thought the water sprayer was a fun game. I threw out the spray bottles on the second day, and instead now we just turn on the sprinkler for her and the kids when they want to get wet!


I came to realize that she really needs structure and discipline. We set up the crate for her, and now when we're not home she goes in the crate...and when we're eating, etc. she has to wait in her crate. I do not like the crate, but she really doesn't mind it (and hopefully will love it eventually). We still take her out with us just about everywhere, but sometimes I just make sure she goes into the crate so she knows that she is not quite human. ;-)

Ginger thought it was great fun to set up the crate. These photos were actually taken when we had the crate in the living room. Now the crate is in our bedroom, and the kids don't have access to it- so Daisy has a nice and safe place to retreat to during the day. It's her den and the girls know they aren't allowed to go in it. We also put a divider in it to make it smaller for Daisy, so it's a little cozier for her. As she gets bigger, we can expand it for her.

Ahhhh...so comfy!


This is the look that says: I know I'm not supposed to be in here, but I'm so cute I can get away with it for a moment. Haha.


The other thing that has made a huge difference is that I got a hands-free leash that I wear attached to Daisy when we are in the house and Daisy starts to assert dominance or her prey drive kicks into high gear. I wish I had a picture of the leash- basically, it goes over my shoulder cross-body, and then Daisy is on a very short leash attached to me. She can only go a few feet when she's hooked up, and it's great because it allows me to keep her very close and correct her when she starts to nip, etc. Of course, it is also great for housetraining, too!

When we're home during the day, we leave the backdoor open and Daisy has free reign over her kingdom...or should I say, queendom. We blocked off all the holes and openings in the fence, so when she's back there, I know she can't get out. She loves to play outside, and especially lay down beneath the shade of the orange tree. You can see all the "toys" she's dragged out there to play with in her shady spot! :-)


Having the backdoor open during the day has been great for the house training. She is having very few accidents now, and will go outside on her own to go to the bathroom. Of course, I still take her out all the time and praise her and give her treats to reinforce - but just having that open access to the yard has helped a lot. Overnight she is great- we wake up once (sometimes twice) at night and take her out. I wake up naturally anyway a few times/night, so it's no biggie.

Here she is enjoying just relaxing in the backyard...in between her adventures hunting down birds, insects, and the bushes she likes to attack! :-)


That's the scoop on Miss Daisy Doodlebug! I can't believe she's been with us for just two weeks. It feels like she's always been here. Love her!



McCryssy said...

She is such a beautiful pup!! I'm happy you all found her!

The Mama said...

She is one seriously cute puppy! I love reading how you are taking control, one of the most difficult things with pets and kids is when people treat the pets like kids! You will avoid a lot of problems in the long haul by putting in the work and discipline now.

Erin said...

Miss Daisy is one CUTE little dog! ALMOST makes me want one. ;)

K - I didn't watch last seasons Bachelor (I actually haven't watched any of them until this season!) but now I'm so curious to see who this Emily is. They talk about her a lot on the show this season. So fun you know the inside scoop...is everything SO staged or is a lot of the drama real?

Sheila said...

Daisy is one photogenic dog. I love that she poses and always seems game for a close up. She has star quality.

Lisa said...

Daisy is getting cuter and cuter by the day. I also like how you crate train your kids. lol