Monday, June 13, 2011

Butterfly Kisses!


We let our Monarch butterflies go this weekend- all six of them! But before we let them go, my butterfly whisperer had to spend some quality time with them, of course! :-)


We tried our hardest to get a video of one of them emerging from the chrysallis...and you would think with six chances, we would have succeeded! How many USC Film master's degrees does it take to do amateur nature videography? Well, apparently more than two because even with Mr. Mustard and I both vigilantly watching, we missed it every time. We did film one during the last half of its emerging, which was pretty cool.

I guess that just means that we are going to have to raise Monarchs again so we can keep trying to get our perfect shot! ;-) There are worse things!


In Puppyland, everything is still going awesome. I might have spoken too soon about Daisy being potty trained (haha)- she's a very good girl, but as Paprika says, "Accidents happen. It's okay!" So, I'm being laid back about it.

Ginger's birthday is on Saturday! I am enjoying my last week of having her be one year old. She has been telling me that she's two for months now, so on Saturday, she'll be right!


FourJedis said...

The pictures you did get are amazing, even if you didn't get the emerging butterflies. What you got can't be beat. She is so pretty.

Lost in Space said...

Beautiful shots!

I wondered when little Miss Daisy would break you in with the house training. (-;

Lisa said...

I love it! You would make a great second grade teacher. In second grade students learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and frog. Fun things are going on at your house.