Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our New Baby Girl!


Meet the newest member of our family! Her name is Daisy (Paprika named her), and she is an 8 week, 2 day old Goldendoodle puppy!


We went through a lot of doggie drama in the search to find her. Wow, just so much. A shady dog trainer. Going to adopt an older dog and then being stood up by the owner. We even tried out an older rescue doggie who did not work out for our family...she would have been better for a family with older kids- but not a 2 year old and a 4 year old!


Finally, we made the decision to get the dog that was best for our family and best for our girls...and we found Daisy!

She is so smart. We got her last night and she is already potty trained. She slept overnight and did not even have an accident! She is sleeping next to Paprika in her bed, and they are inseperable!

Ginger adores her just as much as Paprika does. She keeps petting her and saying, "My puppy loves meeeeeeeeeeeeee!" So adorable!


We have already started some basic obedience training with her on our own, and we are hiring a private trainer to help us. Our goal is to have her be able to work with Paprika as a service dog for some of Paprika's sensory issues.

The Occupational Therapists and the dog trainers I've talked to all suggested we get a Goldendoodle puppy to train as a service/therapy dog. So, we took their suggestion and I am so glad we did.

We are deliriously happy with her. She is perfection!!!



camille yanair said... those sweet girls + that pup is too much sweetness. can't stand it! our friends have a goldendoodle and he is the sweetest, quirkiest, dog ever! ya'll are gonna have so much fun!

Lisa said...

Daisy is so adorable. She is the luckiest dog to have found such a happy and loving home.

THAT'S Interesting said...

She's ADORABLE! Well, all of them are, actually. :) What a cute puppy and cute name. I want to hold her and pet her fluffy fur. So sweet. Hope her training goes well! {One last thing- when I saw the title for a sec I thought you meant you had your baby and I was all WHAT? that's all. . . }
Emily :)

Lost in Space said...

So so adorable! You all are going to have so much fun with her. Our ponies play with a goldendoodle at our local park and he is a pretty high energy guy, but so so smart! He is as tall as Moose too!

Hope the easy potty training continues. (-;

Sheila said...

Those pictures say it all!
Daisy is the perfect name.
I'm sure her petals will always be "She Loves Me" just like Ginger said.
How fantastic you can use her as a service dog too. I'm really happy you chose the puppy !!!

RB said...

Lucas says "I like your doggie's fur. that is a CUTE dog!"

Lauren said...

She's adorable!! Mr. Mustard is seriously out numbered with all the girls in the family!

Anonymous said...

That puppy is absolutely precious and I can tell that your girls are 100% in LOVE with him. I have heard as well that this is a great breed for kids, and that they are so smart. Some friends of ours here in Bend, Oregon have one and she is a DOLL. Have fun with the new addition.

Anonymous said...

I think my last comment got lost so I'm trying again. That puppy is adorable and I can tell that your girls are IN LOVE with her. I have also heard that this is a great breed for kids and that they are very smart. Some friends here in Bend, Oregon have one and love her.

ferfischer said...

SO cute! Congrats on the puppy! Our next dog will also be a service type dog, and although we may not be able to get one through an actual agency (COST!), we may try to train ourselves - a goldendoodle would be perfect for us too! Thanks for the tips!