Saturday, June 18, 2011

Birthday Girl!


Today is Ginger's second birthday! We decorated the house for her, and we're enjoying cake and opening presents. Plus a trip to her favorite place - the park to feed the ducks! Mr. Mustard's mom is down visiting - so she is celebrating with us, too!


I realized that I haven't written about what Ginger is up to lately. This list of things she's doing is mostly for me, since this is her baby book, and all!


Ginger is talking a lot now. Her vocabulary is exploding. She loves being read to, and her favorite books are: How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight, How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food, Inch By Inch, Swimmy, and the Dog and Cat books by Matthew Van Fleet.

She can count from 1 to 20 in English and Spanish, and knows her alphabet. She can recognize numbers- so if you show her a #6, she will say "Six" and "Seis." Ginger also understands number concepts - so if you show her a plate of eight cookies and ask her how many cookies there are, she will count out eight. If you take away three cookies, she will say "Five" or "Cinco"...stuff like that.

She can also recognize all the letters out of order- so if you show her a capital A or a lowercase "a" and ask her what it is, she can say "A!" I would say she's right about 85% of the time with those.


Ginger loves to put her own shoes on, and take them off...and of course has to pick out her own outfits! Her best friend is her big sister, Paprika, but she is also excited about Pavenzia and will point to my tummy and say, "Pavenzia inside! Come out now, please!"

Ginger is very attached to her mama, and loves to snuggle me. She is still nursing about 6 times/day (doctor says it is fine)- and it is really her favorite thing in the world. All attempts at weaning have been futile - so I'm not pushing it. She will wean when she's ready.

Her favorite stuffed animal is "brown puppy" - she takes him everywhere. She loves all stuffed animals- but especially dogs and horses. She also loves baby dolls and will cuddle them and nurture them. She has such a soft heart.

Ginger is so full of energy and smiles. She is a big ray of sunshine in our lives, and I can't imagine our world without her. She is such a source of joy to all who know her, and wherever she goes, she makes friends! Love you, Baby Ginger! Happy Birthday, my big 2 year old girl!



Amee said...

Happy, happy birthday sweet Ginger!! I can't believe you are two - I remember when you're mommy had you! :)

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Ginger! She is so smart and adorable.

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday Wishes to your darling girl! She truly is Ginger Sunshine :)

RB said...

wodner-red shouts her name whenever she sees her on the screen! happy birthday Ginger!

Lauren said...

Happy birthday sweet bab ybgirl!!

Elizabeth said...

She keeps getting more and more beautiful, Erika! What a little doll. Her smile is infectious! Love to all of you, and Happy Belated Birthday to Ginger!!!!