Friday, June 17, 2011

1 Until 2!


Today is Ginger's last day of being one year old. Two years ago this minute, I was in labor with her...stuck on the 10 freeway on the way to Cedars Sinai, thinking I might deliver in the car!

We had big plans to go to the beach today and celebrate her one-ness...but then life intervened. ;-)

Paprika woke up at 3am with a high fever and vomitting...and I ended up staying up all night with her. So, today we are taking it easy and just hanging out at home.

I am not complaining. Paprika (knock on wood) only gets sick once or twice/year. I think the last time she was sick was in June last year! And she had the same symptoms. Crazy, huh?

Whenever she gets sick, she says, "I have a throat," which really means..."I am going to throw up." And that's when I know we're in for a rough couple of days.

Poor Little Sickie:


Of course, the timing on Paprika being sick could be better. Tomorrow is Ginger's birthday and we have tickets to see U2 in concert tomorrow night. We've only been waiting for the concert for almost two years now, since it was supposed to be last year but Bono broke his back.

Fingers crossed Paprika is okay by tomorrow night...otherwise, guess who's staying home! Ah, parenthood.

It kind of reminds me of when Paprika was 3 days old and I stayed home from the Emmy's and Governor's Ball to be with her. Mr. Mustard won and I missed it. Of course I would never have left her- just sometimes I wish I could clone myself!


So, it's been a lazy day. Paprika has been inside most of the day watching Angelina Ballerina on my laptop, and convalescing.

Ginger and I have been outside playing with Daisy.


Daisy follows Ginger around like a little puppy! Well, I guess that's because that's what she is. Daisy is so smitten with the girls- it is really fun to watch!


Remember those shoes I ordered for Daisy? Well, they came in the mail and they are so ridiculous! Basically, they are balloons that you put on your dog's feet. I don't know what I was thinking they'd be...but I know that I would never pay $14 for some red balloons. I could have bought her more expensive shoes, I suppose...but she's going to grow out of anything I buy her in two I thought these would be a workable solution. Wrong-O!


It would be fine if Daisy liked them, but she is not a fan, and really, can you blame her? How would you like to walk around with balloons on your feet?

Here is the link to them, in case anyone is interested in not buying them! Lame-O Dog Shoes...

I mean, if anyone could make these shoes work, it would be Daisy, right? Haha. Back to the drawing board!

Happy Weekend!



Ann said...

I am crying in laughter over those hilArious doggy shoes!! Seriously the funniest thing I have seen in a loooooong time! hehehhehehhehheheee!!

Oh, and I do hope lil Paprika feels better soon! I am sure she will bounce back quick (she usually does, tough lil cookie)! I am keeping my fingers crossed you and Mr. M get to go to the I would be sad to hear that you missed it. (HUGS)

Devon said...

wow, two! seems impossible....

both your girls are gorgeous!! simply beautiful!

and oh my, those shoes are hilarious!

esimonson56 said...

Those shoes are awful! I remember Pet Smart having a couple different doggy shoes to choose from. And from what I remember are much better suited for doggy feet. I sure hope P starts feeling better very quickly & you get to go to that awesome concert. AND I can't believe G is two already! She has the most beautiful skin. Both your girls are so pretty.

cartersmomma said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Miss Ginger!!!

Sheila said...

OMG! So funny! That last picture of Daisy is priceless. You can tell from her expression that she's rethinking her situation and your sanity.

Hugs to Paprika I hope it passes quickly.

Allison said...

Hi! Stumbled upon your blog from Lauren Green's blog. I just had to comment & thank you for absolutely cracking me up over those dog shoes! I even had to call my husband over to check them out!

BTW, I think I'm exactly as far along in my pregnancy as you (I'm due November 14th). Congrats on the 20 week U/S checking out beautifully. Mine isn't until July 11th & I'm anxiously awaiting it!!