Thursday, June 16, 2011

School's Out For Summer...Sorta!


Paprika's preschool class ended last week, and it was a whirlwind of activity. The parent's night out dinner, the afternoon potluck, and a bunch of other events escaping my mind at the moment. All I know is, we were busy. And now there is a bit of a lull.

But I know this is the calm before the storm! Mr. Mustard went back to work on Monday working on a TV show (Top Gear). So, it's just me and the girls.

I thought we were going to have a laid back summer...but then I started signing Paprika up for things and before I knew it, we have more to do this summer than ever.

Paprika has piano class for two more weeks. Then she's starting daily swim lessons for nine weeks. I probably should have tried one week first, but those lessons fill up fast, and darn it, I want her to really learn to swim! She is also doing a summer session at her current preschool, which will be fun for her.

And, then she has her weekly occupational therapy session with a pediatric feeding specialist here at our house. Progress with that has been going soooo slowly - but today the OT made some changes to her treatment plan, which I think will be awesome, ultimately. In the meantime, they are going to be hard changes for Paprika to swallow (no pun intended!)...and will likely take a lot of work (on my part!) to implement.

We are still figuring out what school she'll be attending next year. She is on the waiting list at a private school near us...with very little hope of getting in (we applied too late). She has a spot at her current preschool for next year if she wants it (basically, a repeat of this year). We love her preschool, but wonder if it will give her everything she needs. She can do the Developmental Kindergarten program that she was accepted into...but it's going to be almost all boys (about 17 boys and 3 girls in the class). Or, she can just do regular Kindergarten, which probably isn't the best idea either. And then there's even the thought of homeschooling or hiring a private tutor...but that seems overwhelming to me, especially with Pavenzia's upcoming delivery. We have options but none of them seem quite right. What to do?

Decisions, decisions. I know we have two months to decide what to do for the Fall...but time really does fly. So, we'd better figure it out sooner rather than later. Who knew this whole kindergarten decision process would be so tough?


Ellena said...

Goodness, what big decisions you're making! Let me be the first to say, you would be a wonderful homeschool mommy. In fact, you already are homeschooling your girls!
Especially in those creative activities you somehow manage to always keep up with (raising butterflies, painting?) (: Plus, as Paprika is young for her grade (if you start her at Kindergarten next year) home is a much better atmosphere. Keep up those piano and dance lessons, because that is plenty of that social life people say she'll be missing.

I understand your hesitance with your newest sweet girl's arrival, but I think that's another reason for homeschooling! Taking Paprika to school everyday could get tiring.. and with homeschooling you can have a flexible schedule (sleeping in, staying up late when daddy's working late) and teach her during the afternoon to evening. You'd be surprised how much simpler it actually is.

I've been homeschooled my entire life (Okay I'll admit it.. I'm only going into 9th grade, but still!) and never once regretted it. God bless you and your family whatever way you choose (:

Tracy said...

I've been meaning to leave a comment. My oldest has a speech delay (which I KNOW is not an issue with Paprika), but he doesn't move his tongue while talking. He eats just fine though. We've done exercises like putting icing on the corners of his mouth and lips to get him to move his tongue to lick it. He also used to head bang and gag himself (he was sensory seeking), and we got vibrating speech toys. Within 24 hours of regular use, he stopped completely. We used an electric toothbrush before buying the toys. Idk if any of that helps you or is old news, but I wanted to share just in case. :)

Saving Cents Mommy said...

That is a lot to decide! IMy 4 yr old girl was put at a table in preschool for the last half of last year with all boys. I noticed a very bad change in her actions and behavior. I was not happy with the outcome. Do you think that with her sensory issues, all those boys will get to her? At least you have other options to fall back on. I am sure you will make the best decision for her in the long run and things will work out.
How did you find the occupational therapist? I am very interested in this. This food battle is driving me crazy.

Brookeanne said...

I am with saving cents mommy. Having done day care, tutoring and substituting, I can attest to the extraordinary difference in behavior between boys and girls. They are often more abrasive and crude, especially in an atmosphere where they outweigh their female counter part. I would be wary of homeschooling unless you feel extremely assured you are ready to keep up with creating and implementing the appropriate curriculum. There are some mothers that do a fantastic job with it and if you feel passionate about doing it, you may be one of them! I do "private tutoring" daily with my children and my daughter has been begging me to homeschool... it is incredibly tempting as I absolutely love having her home and teaching her! Unfortunately, these decisions don't get easier, lol :-)!