Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Era!


On Monday, we got the girls bunk beds. We found a set of Pottery Barn Kids bunk beds on Craigslist, and it was too good a deal to pass we went for it. The people selling the bunk beds ended up living really close to us, and even helped deliver the beds to our house. Score!

I am going to miss Paprika's big comfy queen sized bed! Remember when I set it up when we first moved in? I wanted to stay in her room! Ha!


But, times change and with three bedrooms in our house, it will be nice to have Ginger and Paprika sharing a room. It will free up a room for guests, and eventually for a nursery for Pavenzia (hopefully).

Plus, Ginger and Paprika will love being together in the same room...they have been asking to stay together for awhile now. We thought about just letting them both sleep in the queen bed together, but I think all the rolling around might mean neither one of them gets sleep, and we don't want that!


I figure we can transition into this bunk bed situation really slowly by setting up the bunk beds in Paprika's room and keeping Ginger in her room for the time being. After Paprika gets used to the bunk beds, then we may move Ginger's crib into Paprika's room, since there will be room for it now. There's a big difference between a Twin bed and a Queen! No way we could have fit the crib in Paprika's room before.

Then, when Ginger is ready to move out of her crib (I am not rushing that!), then we can either split the bunk beds into two twin beds or if Paprika is old enough, we can leave them as stacked beds, and Paprika can sleep on the top bunk and Ginger can sleep on the bottom bunk.

Are you confused yet? Because it has taken me a lot of mental gymnastics to think of all the sleeping arrangements possible and come up with the best one!

Now, we just have to buy mattresses for the bunk beds! We set up the bed tonight with a make-shift air mattress on the bottom bunk for Paprika. It's a little bit like camping, but these things are exciting when you're four years old...right? Crossing my fingers this goes well! ;-)


Lauren said...

make sense to me! now you have lots of options and plenty of time to ease the girls into their new sleeping arrangements. im sure they will love sharing a room!

Sheila said...

Hmmm... I'll be surprised if they don't end up in the same bed anyway.
You have the summer to get them use to the idea. My goodness you are gonna be one busy Momma this summer.
The beds are cute. I love the photo of P & G in their striped pjs.
From experience I can tell you dogs jump up on lower bunks super easy and are usually camoflauged as lumpy pillows by giggly kiddos. I loved it and would play along. There was no way I could remove such a sweet protective pal looking out over my angels.