Thursday, June 9, 2011

Puppies and Airplanes!


Isn't it funny how you can have all the best toys in the world, and all your kids really want to play with is a cardboard box? Well, that's how it is here. This box was their airplane, and they played with it for hours...well, until it broke on them!

I am thinking more cardboard boxes could be in our future. The possibilities are endless.


Meet Ginger's new doggie...named Puppy.


Wherever she goes, he goes, and vice versa. Even when he's soaking wet, she can't let go of him. He's a stuffed animal Mr. M got for me back when we were newly dating! But it's okay, I will let Ginger have him. I don't think I could pry him out of her hands if I tried! Ha!


1 comment:

FourJedis said...

Oh cute! Puppies and cardboard boxes are the best, your girls the cutest. :)