Friday, June 24, 2011

Birthday Girl!


We had Ginger's second birthday celebration on Saturday. Paprika ended up just having a 24 hour stomach bug- so she was fine by Friday night. So thankful for that!

Since we were going to U2 that night, we decided to keep things really low key. Grandma Pat came down for the day to celebrate with us.


We decorated the house just like we were having a big party, ordered a big chocolate cake that said "Happy 2nd Birthday, Ginger!", got balloons, party hats, toy horns, and made a big deal out of the whole thing.


Paprika's favorite part was decorating the house and singing Happy Birthday to Ginger.


Ginger loved opening her gifts and being the center of attention.


And of course, she loved the cake! Paprika picked out the cake- and made sure it was chocolate cake with chocolate icing...and purple writing on it, of course!


Things got a little silly...


The girls played with some of Ginger's new toys:


After cake and opening presents at home, Grandma Pat and Mr. Mustard took the girls to the park to feed the ducks and play at the playground. They had so much fun! Feeding the ducks is one of Ginger's favorite things to it makes sense she got to do it on her special day!


I still can't believe my baby is 2! Right after she turned 2 she started acting more grown up! Saying longer sentences. Being more independent. She is really turning into a little girl. So far, no terrible 2s yet. She's still as sweet and funny as ever!


Love her to the moon and back, and we are so grateful she is in our lives! :-) Happy Birthday, Ginger!



Ann said...

Okay, so I OFFICIALLY ADORE....and I do mean ADORE lil Ginger's sparkly pink dress!!! You are such a WONDERFUL girly mom!! LOVE IT!! :o) I think the pic of the girls and their grandma is pretty cool as well....she looks so hip and active! How fun! Great birthday pics Erika! Happy 2nd Birthday Ginger snap! :o)

Erin said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl! Who is starting to look less and less like a baby! I can't believe how big she is getting. I just LOVE 2 year olds. I really do. I don't get the "terrible two" thing. I think it should be "terrible ones" because they are into everything OR "terrible threes" because I got a lot more attitude/tantrums from my girls at age three vs. two. Two is so much fun! They start to talk more, act more independently, and are just so darn adorable. Enjoy this stage! I know you will. You are the cutest mom Erika and your girls are SO beautiful.

p.s. LOVED the link you sent me about the Father of the Bride house on FB! So interesting. I can't help but love that house. Although I'm sure you're right...I wouldn't buy it even if I could for the reasons you mentioned! Who knew house hunting would be so exhausting and frustrating!? Anyway - thanks for thinking of me. :)

Sheila said...

LOVE the picture of Ginger Sunshine on her 2nd birthday. So cute in her big girl party pink dress. Really love the family photo. How great she had her Grandma Pat there to share her special day. What a perfect way to celebrate her special day :)

THAT'S Interesting said...

Happy Birthday, Ginger!! Adorable pink sparkly dress, by the way. :) It looks like she had a wonderful birthday. Thanks for sharing the pictures.