Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daisy Doodlebug!


Our first week with Daisy is going amazing. We love her so much and she fits right in.

She is great about going outside to potty. The only problem we've had is that we have major construction going on directly in front of us and behind us. The neighbors right across the street are building a new house (they started demolition in March), and the neighbors right behind us are putting in a pool. They started that on Saturday morning bright and early, and are jackhammering out their entire sautilo tile back patio.

Needless to say, it has been unbelievably noisy here. Construction starts at 7:30am and goes until 6pm, and Daisy is terrified of the jackhammers. None of us like the noise, actually- especially Paprika! I called the city yesterday and found out that the jackhammering will be going on until Thursday evening (at least)- so we just have to live with it.

But of course, Daisy gets so scared when we go outside during those hours that it is really hard for her to go potty. The rest of the time (from 6pm until 7:30am), she is awesome about using the bathroom outside.


My solution to this has been to be out of the house as much as possible during the day. It is a little challenging with a 2 year old, a 4 year old, and being 18 weeks pregnant...yes, it is! We have been doing playdates at friends' houses, going to the park, and visiting lots of stores.

Daisy goes with us everywhere. She's been to Target twice, to Petsmart a gazillion times, Paprika's piano class, and all around the city to various other spots. When I take her out, I put her in one of my Ergo baby carriers (yes, several people have made fun of me about that).

It is great because she loves it in there, I know she's safe, and she will not go to the bathroom when she's in the Ergo. I also use it around the house when I'm making dinner or helping the girls with bath and other activities. Basically, anytime I can't keep my eye on Daisy because I'm doing other things, I plop her in the Ergo and she's sooooo happy.

I know I could put her in a crate, but she hates that and I was never a cry it out parent. ;-)


After the construction crews leave everyday, we go outside to play. Daisy has her dinner out there, too.

We have a lot of prickles in our yard and they keep getting stuck in her paws, which really hurts her. So, I bought her some little booties that should be arriving tomorrow. I am hopeful that this will help her little footsies not get hurt. And yes, I've gotten made fun of for this, too! Ha!


The girls are loving Daisy, and call her Daisy Doodlebug. We are working on training her a bit, and she's picking things up (as much as you could expect an 8 week old puppy to do so!) I am reading the Monks of New Skete books (Art of Raising a Puppy and How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend) , as well as the training tips from the Leerburg website. I just ordered his video (Your Puppy 8 weeks to 8 months), and will let you guys know how I like it. Oh yes, and we've been watching The Dog Whisperer episodes on Hulu.

So far, we are having fun with our Daisy! We love her so much! :-)



THAT'S Interesting said...

I love the picture of you holding her in the carrier! She looks so happy and content. :) I'm glad things are going well with her!

Kim said...

Aww, she is so cute! My mom has a labradoodle named Daisy! I also didn't realize Ginger and Brennan have the same birthday! Fun times:)

Sheila said...

Puppies put out a good bit of warmth. I'd be curious to see if "Baby" is curling up close when Daisy is in the Ergo. How cute will it be when she starts to kick and move about. I wonder what Daisy's reaction will be then. Will "baby" have picked up Daisy's scent and bond quickly with her? Hmmm... we'll just have to wait and see.

Faith Jones said...

Oh my gosh, adorable puppy in an Ergo? Cutest thing I've ever seen!

Lost in Space said...

Oh, Erika, the carrier is too much! LOL. From experience, the boots will be a pain putting on and taking off, but hopefully they will help. Soon enough her little paws will toughen up. She sure is adorable!

Erin said...

That dog is TOO CUTE! And so are you carrying it around! LOVE IT! That picture of you made me smile so big. :) Sorry about all the construction noise - that is the worst!

And thanks so much btw for all of your house help/advice. We are in the same boat as far as location being KEY!

Lauren said...

Daisy is adorable! And that pic of you with her in the carrier is too funny!

Amee said...

such a cute little puppy!

you btw are looking fantastic!! :)

Tracy said...

Right after I had my now 7 month old, I was in a pharmacy picking up my husband's meds (he had his wisdom teeth out). I had Caed in a Baby Ktan carrier, and an older gentleman asked if he was a cat. I replied that no, it was a baby, and he was flabbergasted. He just kept saying, "A baby! I thought it was a cat!" and telling everyone around us it was a baby. He acted like it was weird that it was a baby, not a cat. lol