Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Break!


This week is our staycation Spring Break. I remember all those years I went somewhere for Spring Break (Panama City Beach, anyone!)...but my how times have changed! ;-)

Now I'm watching butterflies in the yard, and organizing playdates and running after little kids all day. So wild! Haha.


We have had people over about every day this week. Yesterday we had one of Paprika's friends from school over. They had a great time...well, until the other little girl picked one of Paprika's sunflower sprouts.


Then, there were tears and we almost had to end the little get-together. Paprika calmed down when I told her we could plant more sunflowers, and she said that was okay as long as we didn't tell her friend where we were planting them!

Thankfully, a little distraction in the way of some drawing and crafts did a lot to brighten the mood!


I should probably work on getting Ginger some of her own friends. I know she thinks she's four years old already...but sometimes she gets a little left behind when the big kids are playing. All things considered, she does a pretty decent job of keeping up!


But when these two are alone? They are the best of friends...true equals and the best playmates...


I guess you're always on vacation when you're hanging out with your best friend.


It's the middle of our "weekend" now- since Mr. Mustard is off from DWTS today and tomorrow. Yay! This past week was particularly rough for him (they had a big power outage the night before the Tuesday show...and needless to say, it caused a lot of drama for him). So glad he can spend this weekend relaxing. :-)


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