Thursday, April 28, 2011

All About The Chase!


We had a little afternoon of painting in the backyard the other day. As you will see, it started off so innocently and spiraled into something a lot more messy, and a lot more fun!


Wednesday/Thursday is our "weekend" - because those are the days off for Dancing With The Stars (since it airs Mon/Tues). We had planned on doing our Easter baskets on Wed. morning - since I really wanted us all to be there for it. But, Tuesday night we were just too exhausted to put the baskets together. Then, last night...same thing! I have such cute stuff for the baskets, too!


I realized that every Easter, we always do the baskets at least the Wednesday after next year, I really should buy everything the day after Easter for 80% off! This year I planned ahead and had it all a month in advance. Seriously- since we are not on a timeline, I could save some major moolah by waiting until the holiday sale. Live and learn, I guess.


At the rate we're going, the girls will get their Easter baskets by 4th of July! They really don't know enough to miss them - they were so happy this year to dye eggs and have some chocolate, and spend time with their Grandma Pat (who also brought them Easter presents). I am going to enjoy these relaxed years while I can!


Anyway, back to the painting party. After awhile, Ginger decided to push her stroller around the yard.


Meanwhile Paprika decided to get more creative with her painting. It's so much more fun to paint on a door than on silly old paper!


I let her do it because this door really is her door. She painted it last year right after we moved in. I had gone to see about a swingset on Craigslist (which we did not end up buying), and in the 20 minutes I was gone, somehow Paprika had painted smiley faces on it while Mr. Mustard had his back turned.


So, I kinda gave up on the door...and it brings a smile to my face when I see her paintings on it. I put Ginger down for her nap and let Paprika paint away. She had such a blast!


To me, this is a beautiful paint job! :-)


I guess it's just a simple thing...getting yourself messy with a little paint.


But it sure is fun!


So, after she left her mark on the door, she decided she wanted to chase me with paint on her hands. Of course, I ran fast...and she thought it was the funniest thing in the whole world.


I have to admit, she got really close! And if I hadn't been carrying my camera, I might have let her catch me. ;-)


In the end, sometimes it's more fun to be chased than to be caught anyway! Ha!



Ellena said...

You are such a great mommy (: I have to say I adore both your girl's dresses. Where do you get their adorable outfits?

Sheila said...

I hadn't realized till this post that your background for your blog is your tablecloth. Clever Chicca.
The girls and their Mommy are having a ball.
I love that Paprika has a door to paint and you have a keepsake.

My daughter has signed her name since she was 2 with a happy face and an H.
Why? Because it spells Heather was and still is her reply.I just wish she hadn't signed it on my wallpaper and freshly painted walls with indelible marker after the birth of her brother. She didn't become an artist although we joked at the time that we should keep the wallpaper in case she did. The likelihood that Paprika will be an artist is strong. I would keep that door forever. Good choice of canvas indeed.
Glad you are feeling well enough to be chased.
As always the girls are precious and joyful. Ginger is becoming quite the "Mommy" and will know doubt be ready for the new arrival.

RB said...

Happy Ultrasound darling! i simply am overjoyed for you that all is well thus far. please won't you txt me where you get the girls dreses? they are to die for!

Tracy said...

I think it's great that her dress looks untouched! haha

christine said...

I found & bought a goldmine of Easter goodness at my Target yesterday. 90% off. They had so much Easter stuff leftover. Baskets & grass, dye kits, stuffed animals, Easter books & bubbles, wrapping paper & tissue, plastic eggs & tons of candy (the good stuff like Dove, Cadbury & Peter Rabbit chocolates). Oh and those dresses you put your oldest in are Matilda Jane correct? Love them and you can find them really cheap on Ebay!