Saturday, April 23, 2011

Funny Things!

I know everyone is knee-deep in Easter festivities today- and we are, too! We just had our own little egg hunt in the backyard. I will post pictures later- they are still on my camera...and I got some cute ones!


The whole Easter egg hunt reminded me of a lot of the funny things Paprika and Ginger have been doing and saying. I need to write these things down. Here goes!

Earlier today, we were filling our plastic eggs with chocolate, and I told Paprika we would leave them out for the Easter bunny to hide tomorrow. She looked at me like incredulously, and said:

We don't need the Easter Bunny to hide our eggs! I can put on my rabbit ears and hide them myself!

Then she did.

She and Ginger went and hid all the eggs, and then helped me and her Grandma Pat find them in the backyard. So I guess Grandma and I had the Easter Egg hunt today! ;-)

Hide and seek is big in our house. Paprika is always coming up with the best places to hide...


Like inside a tiny box!


A few more Paprika funnies...

Lately, her songs have been the funniest because she never gets all the words quite right. Her newest song she loves to sing to Ginger is Mary Had a Little Lamp.

Yes, lamp.

When I asked her what color the lamp shade was, she said: "It's as white as snow, of course!"

Last night she told me she wants two more sisters and two brothers. She said: My two new sisters will be named Pavenzia and Elliana. Then I will have a brother named Jakey. Then I will have a brother named Quesadilla.

Then when she realized that she said Quesadilla for a name, she cracked up for about half an hour.


Ginger does funny stuff, too. Okay, some of it is more gross than funny. Like last night when she dipped her toothbrush in the toilet and then brushed her teeth with it. That was awesome!


I think the funniest thing about Ginger is that she thinks everything is funny. If anyone even starts to laugh, she has to outlaugh them. Even when she has no idea why she's laughing! It's a little bit contagious.

Hope your Easter is a good one. :-)



Tracy said...

Last month I posted on my blog about Sam (my 4 yo) squeezing into a tiny box. Isn't it amazing?

Sheila said...

Cute Girls, Cute Photos, Cute Sayings:)

Ginger couldn't help but be light of heart given her name. You chose well.
Eww... to the toilet water. I'm sure she'll love reading that when she's older.Haha!

Enjoy your Easter with the bunnies, how wonderful they have their Grandma Pat to share it with.

Lauren said...

Love Paprika's funnies! Kids say the darndest things!

Erin said...

So cute! The pictures and the sayings. Happy Easter! :)

THAT'S Interesting said...

Love the names Paprika has picked out for the two more bothers and sisters she wants. Too funny! :) Hope your Easter was wonderful, and you are feeling a little bit better.