Saturday, April 30, 2011

My (It's About Time) Easter Post!


I know it's already a week past Easter, and the whole rest of the world has moved on...but on the off chance anyone is feeling nostalgic, here are a few glimpses from our Easter this year.

Mr. Mustard had to work, so Grandma Pat (Mr. Mustard's mom) came down from Santa Barbara to spend the weekend with us.

Paprika wanted to hide the eggs herself, so she did...and then the girls had a great hunt to find them! Although I am pretty sure Paprika had a bit of an advantage! ;-)


The eggs all have Hershey's Kisses in them because that is the only kind of candy they will eat! Paprika is very sensitive to Red Dye 40, which is in a lot of candy. Ginger has never had Red Dye 40, so I don't know about her. Needless to say, we just stuck to chocolate, which works for all of us! :-)


I wanted to wait until Mr. Mustard was home to give out the girls' Easter baskets, so we skipped that! Of course, now it's been a week and we still haven't done baskets. And, I have quite the problem withholding gifts from the girls, so I have been giving out the Easter basket goodies every chance I get!


For the baskets, I got the girls Rapunzel dolls, books about butterflies, Rapunzel, and board books for Ginger. I also got them both huge Lindt solid chocolate bunnies. And a few other little things.

Of course, yesterday I couldn't wait any longer and gave the girls the Rapunzel dolls, and tonight I am giving them a few books. The whole Easter basket thing is starting to look more like the 8 nights of Hanukkah. Oh well. I guess it just means we get to enjoy Easter for longer! :-)


Grandma Pat brought down the most thoughtful Easter gifts for the girls! In addition to bringing dinner for both nights and little chocolate bunnies...she brought Paprika gardening tools and flowers to plant, and she brought Ginger the softest, fuzziest little doggie stuffed animal.

I had told Pat how much Paprika loves to garden...and then when Pat wanted to plant the flowers she brought, Paprika decided she didn't want to garden anymore! So, Pat planted while Paprika watched. And now, Paprika can't stop talking about the garden she and Grandma planted together. Ha! I can see how Paprika's future husband is going to fare. ;-)


Overall, it's been a great Easter. And it's still going on! I am still passing out the basket gifts, and at this rate we'll be done by Memorial Day! :-)


becca said...

LOVE it! My boys won't get their baskets from my parents until NEXT Monday...the 9th! Time just hasn't allowed and they want all the family together at the same time. The kids will have a great time!

And, from someone whose Daddy was a Sheriff for 17 years and is now a Preacher, we all had to learn very quickly how to adapt and just celebrate when we could, and I think that's made me and my sisters very well rounded in that area. :) Your girls I think will be very chill laid back Mommies in that area, and that is a GREAT thing! Love, hugs and prayers!

Sheila said...

Love the pictures, the adorable dresses and the ears.
Why shouldn't all your holidays be a week long? It's what works for ya'll, so it's your family tradition.
Paprika is correct, she did plant the garden with her Grandma. I saw the picture, she was right there. It counts! I'm sure Pat loved the one on one time with her too.

Amee said...

Love the pics! I'm sure the girls love celebrating and getting little gifts each day!