Sunday, April 3, 2011

So Last Week!

We have been keeping so busy, I have hardly had a chance to get my head around what we've been up to.

Here was our week, in rewind mode:

Friday, I took Paprika to her piano class...but no one else showed up! So, it ended up being a private lesson which was fine by me!


Ginger had a fun time running through the hallways again during Piano...I caught her for a second to snap this picture.



We hit the beach while Paprika was at preschool.


Ginger was having a great time feeling like an only child for a couple of hours.


And the weather was pretty awesome, to boot!


After our little beach visit, I went back to Paprika's school to help with the Easter Egg hunt...


and see that look of joy when she met the Easter Bunny:


On Wednesday, I took my littlest beach baby to the little Aquarium and the Pier while Paprika was at preschool with Mr. Mustard. We work Wednesdays at the school, and it's always great when he can be there!

I stayed for awhile and hoped to help them dye Easter Eggs. But after an hour or so, it was pretty obvious Ginger was going to break all the Easter Eggs if we stuck around, so, I grabbed her and we headed out for some sunshine.


This is Ginger's face that says, "I will not be moved." When she doesn't want to do what she's asked, she crouches down like this and gives her big pouty face. She is very serious about it, obviously! ;-)


Eventually, she relented.


Tuesday was the day that our car would not start. Someone (not naming names...ahem, Paprika) left her door ajar when she got out of the car and the overhead light was on overnight. Of course, I discovered this 10 minutes before she had to be at school. After the AAA guy came and helped us out, I dropped her off at school and then drove around for an hour to charge the battery.

Ginger was a great sport, so I took her to the park for the rest of the time Paprika was at school. With her napping so late, she really gets so much more one on one time with me while Paprika is at school. I think she is eating it up!




Those are the highlights of last week. We're on Spring Break now (well, technically, since we're not going anywhere but home sweet home). I have some fun adventures planned for the girls and we're already off to a great start!

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Amee said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Can't wait to read about your adventures during spring break! :)