Monday, April 4, 2011

Miss Personality!


Ginger is 21 months now...well, closer to 22 months but I'm not quite as on the ball with these milestone posts as I was a year ago! ;-)

She makes me laugh every day with her huge personality and her megawatt smile.


She will taste pretty much anything. And if it's Play-Doh? Who cares!


All the more reason to laugh!


She loves being outside. And doing anything and everything her big sister does, including play soccer!


She is very helpful around the house. Without asking, she will unload the dishwasher even when the dishes inside are still dirty! ;-) She loves to help with the laundry, and throw things away for me. She helps clean up and is really excited to sweep the floors. I could get used to this!


She is still picky as ever about her clothes and shoes. She points to what she wants to wear in her closet and says, "Pretty dress, please! Pretty shoes!" And if you don't pick the right thing, she will let you know!

Her language skills are exploding. All of a sudden, she is talking in sentences and telling us what she wants and what she doesn't want. If you ask her, "Are you a good baby or a naughty baby?" She will look at you with a twinkle in her eye, and say, "Naughty baby!" And then laugh herself silly.

I can't believe in 3 months (less than), she will turn 2! Where is the time going?!



Sheila said...


Kudos on having a "helper" even if she is a "Naughty Baby". HaHa!

As someone who was told most of her life to "behave", she's right,
my reply once I was older was,
"It's over rated!" and it is.
Go Ginger Go!!!

Sheila said...

Is that a portable dishwasher she's standing in? I had one in my first house. It had a butcher block top. I was so happy to have a dishwasher.

BTW, this is my vote for favorite photo :)
I sense a theme here, first the dresser, now the dishwasher.
Very industrious and clever of her, don't you think?

Lauren said...

Ha! Love that picture of her standing in/on the dishwasher.

siri said...

Ditto what Lauren said :)