Monday, April 4, 2011

California Gurls!


Devon and her girls came down to visit us today. We spent most of the day hanging out around our backyard, but with weather this beautiful, we couldn't stay home all day.


Days like this call for a trip to the beach!


What is more fun than making Sand Angels? Yes, these are California girls. When you don't have snow to make Snow Angels, you improvise! ;-)


Sweet P was a trooper, even though we were way exceeding her nap time!


The two big girls were having the best time dancing in the sand...


And Ginger was right there, wanting to be a big girl, too!


These two little ones are going to be best friends, I just know it!


I am so grateful for Devon's friendship...whenever we are together, it is just so easy. It is one of the blessings to have come from the loss of our twins. Although I know she would rather have her Blake and Ethan back in a second, and I would rather have my Vivian and is so wonderful that we found each other during such unbearably hard circumstances. Love her and her sweet family!!!


Erin said...

Such a special friendship for sure. Hasn't the weather been amazing lately! The beach has been calling our names but we've been too busy to answer! Can't wait until summer.

Beautiful pics!

becca said...

Beautiful pictures as always. I love love Devon and her family, they are so precious to me!

Devon said...

love you too! lots!

and i'm so glad our girls are such great friends!!