Friday, April 15, 2011

My Chocolate Thief!


Ginger has a new trick that she loves to do whenever I am not looking for a second. She will drag a chair over to wherever she wants to be (but knows she's not supposed to go)- and as soon as my back is turned, she climbs up!

The past few nights, her spot has been the top of the washer/dryer. She knows that the chocolate is in that cabinet, so she makes a beeline straight for it!

Of course, when I catch her in the act and ask her if she's getting into the chocolate, she shakes her head no and says in the sweetest voice: No, I has Boo-Boo, Mama. Then, she goes to the next cabinet over and gets out a band-aid and tries to put it somewhere on her body.

Right....I'm not buying it for a second.

Especially not when the second I turn around, she's back in the chocolate! Like mother, like daughter, I guess!


Thanks for all the suggestions about Kindergarten for Paprika. We decided to just wait until we get the official evaluation from the elementary school. I kind of question the preschool teacher's assesment, after she told me a little more.

First, she said that Paprika doesn't know where her shoulder, elbow, or ankle are. Of course, when I got home, I asked her, and she pointed to all three.

Also, the preschool teacher did her assesment during the school day with the other kids playing in the classroom a few feet away. She said Paprika wanted to go play instead of being tested, and that her wanting to play instead of focusing on the testing showed that she doesn't have a long attention span.

Say what?! Let's see- all of her friends were playing nearby, while she's being tested on stuff she's known for years. What four year old wouldn't want to ditch the test to play with her friends?

If there is anything that Paprika does is an attention span. No one can watch a child play with a single butterfly for 9 hours and claim the child does not have a long attention span!

So, thank you for saying to trust my heart on this. I think, as parents, we have to go with what we know. Look to others for guidance? Yes! But in the end, we really do know our children best.


Speaking of that butterfly, he is still alive and well. Every morning I go to check on him and kind of cringe, thinking he's going to be dead...and there he is just ticking along! We're feeding him apple juice, and he seems to really dig it!



Sheila said...

I have a big smile in my heart for "naughty baby" :)

Lauren said...

Love that first picture! That look on Ginger's face is priceless!

Lost in Space said...

She so knows she is busted in that first picture! Too cute.