Friday, April 29, 2011

Did You Watch?


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I must admit, I had no intention of watching William and Kate get married. We don't have a TV or DVR, so I guess most of the hoopla just passed me by. Just when everyone was feeling oversaturated with the news coverage, I was just getting interested!


So, I joked with Mr. Mustard that I was going to stay up last night to watch it. I didn't really think I could watch it, since we don't have a TV, but then I checked online and found out that it would be streaming live, so I could watch it in real time. It was amazing! The video quality is so good these was like being in the front row.


Of course, I somehow got sucked into the whole thing and watched the entire 2 hours of guests arriving, the ceremony, and the recessional! I watched it on E Online- which was great- because they give you all the low-down on who everyone is, who is wearing what, and all the inside info.

The ceremony was beautiful, and moving. I did have to laugh during the vows when they said, "For richer, for poorer..." Hahahahaha!

It was a historic night - it's not every day that you get to see the future King and Queen of England wed! I was three years old when Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married, and I think I remember seeing part of it on TV. And of course, I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when Princess Diana died in 1997 (I was a Resident Assistant, R.A., in college and was doing my night-time rounds). I have to believe Diana was watching over her sons during the wedding and was so proud. I think Diana was on everyone's minds watching the wedding- at least she was on mine!

The wedding was at Westminster Abbey, which is also where Charles and Diana wed, and Diana's funeral was held...and where William and Kate will be crowned King and Queen!

So, this wedding was just one of those moments I did not want to miss! I am so glad I stayed up and watched it from midnight until 5am!!! Now I am paying the price just a little...but it was worth it! :-)



Sheila said...

She was a beautiful bride. How touching to see William tell her so at the altar. Good start to what will hopefully be a lifetime of hapiness and joy. I have it taped and have not watched it from start to finish yet. I have however seen many hi lites throughout the day. So nice of them to share their happiness with the world.

Devon said...

I was so over the hoopla but DVR'd it and am so glad I did!! It was so fun to watch!

Riley saw your pictures and said " How did she get those??!" She thinks you know the princess - ha!

Lizzy said...

I watched it and did homework at the same time, but mostly watched it. It was nice being able to see something historic happen right in front of us on our computer, since big things like that don't happen all the time.

THAT'S Interesting said...

I woke up at 4am to watch it, here in MN. I loved it. She was such a beautiful bride and I loved seeing the ceremony. The music was wonderful. And the hats? Seriously. Some of them were out-of-this-world-crazy. I loved it!

m&msmommy said...

I completely agree! I had NO intentions of watching and really kept thinking, "UGH! Just get over with it already!" But as soon as I turned the TV on yesterday morning to do my morning workout and it was on, I was hooked! :) It was beautiful!

Virginia said...

I watched the whole thing as well. I was just out of high school when Prince Charls and Di wed....and I watched that. Got up in the middle of the night and watched her funeral as well. I love the history of the monarchy and am a hopeless romantic. One correction to your post. Charles and Diana were not married at The Abby, but in a larger church (can't remember which one off the top of my head) but her funeral was held there.

Erika said...

virginia- you are right! can't believe i got that wrong!!! charles and diana were married at st. paul's cathedral- i think b/c they had too many guests to fit i westminster abby...but i could be wrong about that, too! :-)