Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Know That Saying...


You know that saying, "You've really got your hands full?" Well...that's how I've been feeling these past two days. We have one more week with Mr. Mustard working on The Amazing Race before he goes back to Dancing With The Stars. He's been working nights most weeks on the Race because they allow him that flexibility and it gives us more daylight hours together. But I think this is probably the last season he'll work nights for a few reasons.


We do love the time it gives us together during the days. One of the downsides is that we all end up staying up later and later, and then even later. By the end of the season, the girls are staying up until 1am and Mr. Mustard and I are staying up until dawn. It also makes it tricky for us to all switch back to a day schedule when Mr. Mustard starts back up at Dancing With The Stars.


The staying up late usually isn't such a big deal since we can all sleep in late (and we are all naturally night owls). The only problem is that most kids don't wake up at when we try to do something social in the morning, it just doesn't all.

The first domino in a string of unfortunate, overtired events happened on Sunday. Paprika had soccer, and we had to wake her up for it. Even though she was happy while she was at practice, it was clear she was worn out. (But notice I finally got her a purple shirt that fits for her to play in. Go me!)


By ballet on Monday, she looked like this. Can you say tired?


Anyway, we still did a bunch of fun stuff and the girls were in good spirits for most of it. We did a big painting party on Monday (just us), and it was really fun.


One thing adding to being overtired is that Paprika had a bad nightmare on Sunday night and woke up screaming. And in this dream (which she told me all about), she had two baby sisters. All day long on Monday, she kept saying to me, "I really want one more sister. I am supposed to have two little sisters. Two teeny tiny baby sisters."

It was like a mantra. That is all she would talk about on Sunday night and all day Monday. And because she was so exhausted, she was pretty hysterical about it. Obviously, it rubbed a pretty raw nerve for me. One because it is pretty unlikely that we can have anymore children. And two (and this is the biggest reason), because of Vivian and Annemarie. Enough said.

So, all day Monday I was trying to keep her from crying and being so upset about her missing baby sister. Even though I was upset. And I just wished she would stop talking about it. Really.


But, then in the afternoon I got her to take a nap (she fell asleep on top of me while I was holding her). And since then, she has been much more rested...and more rational. But even so, the first thing she talks about at every chance she gets is how she is meant to have one more sister, and how important it is to her to have one more. And can it happen tomorrow?

I have tried to explain things to her in the best (most age appropriate) way I can. And I guess that's all I can do. It has just been really hard, though.

On top of that, Ginger has been really clingy to me and cries if I put her down for even a second. She's not sick, she's 100% happy as long as she's in my arms. I am not's just a fact, and a tiring one at that!


Anyhoo, today was better. We spent the day getting ready for my dad and Nancy's visit. We made the house sparkly clean, stocked the fridge, and got all caught up on everything house related.

Ginger was again just wanting to be held all day, so instead of putting her down and listening to her cry, I just put her on my back in the Ergo and cleaned the house just like that...with her in her little backpack on my back!


I feel like this post is kinda Debbie Downer, so I will end on some fun things. One is that the girls have been loving their bouncy castle in the backyard. They bounced away half of Sunday and half of Monday in that thing!


I also love (and appreciate) how much these two adore each other. They are truly the best of friends and seem to have intertwined souls...they are most happy when they are together and even want to share a bed together (oh, we would really never get sleep then!)


And this picture I just thought was kinda funny. We nicknamed Paprika the Van de Graaff Generator. Talk about static electricity in overdrive!


My dad and Nancy got in safely from the airport a few hours ago. The girls have gone wild over "Grandpa and Nana Nancy" - and have been having the best time. This visit from my dad and Nancy is such a breath of fresh air...and the best part is that it's just begun!

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Kim said...

Oh Erika, I can't imagine how heartbreaking it is for Paprika to be asking for her sisters like that. I hope the words and the strength to comfort her come easily for you while finding some sort of comfort for yourself. Thinking of you. By the way-I LOVE Paprikas painted picture!! She is so awesome!