Thursday, March 17, 2011

That Tricky Leprechaun!


Today they had a big St. Patrick's Day party at Paprika's preschool. Taking Paprika to school is one of Ginger's favorite times of the day. She loves playing on the playgroud, chasing around the big kids, and pretending she's one of them. They have a little tractor there she loves to ride, and a bunch of bikes, too.

Today was the first day she's let me put a bow in her hair (and kept it in for more than 5 minutes). I knew she had to wear green, but the only outfit we had was green I put some leggings underneath and it worked out okay. She has on a green shirt, too, but you can't really tell because of her white sweater.


Paprika was excited to wear green. She wasn't as excited to pose for a picture! ;-)

The teacher staged a "leprechaun break-in" at the school. The leprechaun changed the locks, and when we figured out how to get into the classroom, we found that he had turned the whole room upside down. It was a mess!

The kids cleaned up the room in about 5 minutes, and we parents were joking that we wish it were that easy at home! They really didn't like their classroom being a mess!

Paprika had a great time and has been talking non-stop about the leprechaun and wondering where he is hiding (could he be in our backyard?) He left them gold coins and chocolate at school. The chocolate was a big hit with Paprika (of course!)


Hope you are enjoying your St. Patty's Day! :-)


The Carrels said...

A crazy Leprechaun visited Max's school, too! I had never heard of this tradition...but the kids loved it! The Leprechaun even turned the toilet water green in the classroom bathroom....he's still telling everyone about that...gotta love potty humor!

Sheila said...

Enchantment always works :)!!!
Big time kudos to the teacher who dyed the toilet water green. She really gets it and I'm sure the boys loved it.

That's what childhood is all about.
Imagining anything you want and it's all possible and real to you.

Love the photos and the barrett.