Monday, March 28, 2011

Party Time!


Yesterday I got a few more gray hairs. Seriously. Some friends of ours had a 5th birthday party at a local park for their son, James, and naturally we went! Mr. Mustard always works the whole weekend (since Dancing With The Stars airs Monday and Tuesday) it was just me with the girls all weekend.

Paprika wanted to make James her own card. So she did. She wrote Happy Birthday James on one side, and on the other she signed Love, and her name. I thought it added a personal touch. Watch out Hallmark! ;-)

The night before, I went to Target and bought some Star Wars Legos for the birthday boy (since I happened to know he loves Star Wars). Paprika wanted to paint him a painting for his birthday, too.

She painted this painting, and when I asked her what it meant, she said:

"It's what a party feels like."


Even though we were on time (not 15 minutes early...I am learning!), we were still the first people there! Paprika was so excited to hang out with the birthday boy and his little brother. She was having the most wonderful time in the bounce house.


Then all the other kids arrived. There were probably about 50 kids there. I am not joking. As soon as there were more than 8 kids or so, she was outta there. She did not want to leave the party...but she didn't want to come anywhere near the music and noise either. She wanted to climb up the trees and watch everyone from high in the branches.


Meanwhile, Ginger wanted to run to the other side of the park, go up to the top of the playground equipment that was about 15 feet tall, and leap off it into my arms. I think Ginger thinks she can fly, because if she sees me within 10 feet of her, she will open up her arms like a bird and jump off whatever she's standing on. She has complete trust I will catch her. Can you imagine?

Ginger was running to the other side of the huge park to scale the enormous playground equipment made for 10 year olds and not 1 year olds...while Paprika was climbing to the tops of trees at the other side of the park. I was so busy I didn't get to talk to anyone at the party.

I did grab myself a slice of pizza, and as I was putting it in my mouth, Ginger decided she wanted it instead. So I let her eat it...because goodness knows, with all that running, she must have been hungry!


Eventually, she discovered the ice in the cooler, and that kept her occupied for a good while. Everyone had already gotten their drinks, so I didn't feel bad letting her play away...


Paprika told me she really wanted to stay at the party until after she ate some cake. Can you blame her? It was the most delicious double chocolate cake. As soon as Paprika saw the cake being cut, she was down there in the middle of 50 kids, right next to the birthday boy, singing Happy Birthday, and getting her slice of cake...thank you very much.


So all is well that ends well. We all got home in one piece, and...I know the girls had a great time! :-)

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Sheila said...

Great tree for climbing!
That cake really does look delicious and I love the decorations on it.
Fun party. That seems like a lot of kids to me. Glad all is well and the birthday boy had a wonderful party.

Before you know it it'll be Ginger's birthday.

Easter is just around the corner.

Charlie and I have been playing a new game we made up "Super, Bouncy, Bunny!". It goes about as you would expect it to. Jumping up and down on cushions being assisted by me to go even higher on the 3rd bounce of each word. It makes him laugh hysterically so that makes it the best new game ever to both of us :}