Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Day Left!


We are really enjoying this Sunday. Tomorrow Mr. Mustard goes back to work on Dancing With The Stars, and that means a lot of hours working. It's a good thing in some ways, but we will miss him! He's had this whole past week off, and we have really made the most of it!


Last week we went to Disneyland, the park, spent time at home, went out to dinner...and then this weekend Grandma Pat came and we spent the weekend with her. We had a great time at the beach, going out for ice cream, walking on the Pier, taking Paprika to her piano lesson, and visiting the little Aquarium.


About a week and a half ago, I made a little error in judgement. I put my phone on top of my car while I was strapping the girls in their carseats. Then, I forgot it was up there and drove off. Needless to say, that was the last we saw of my phone!

This weekend we got new phones and I caved and got a smart phone (Android). I had really been resisting because I didn't want to be one of those moms who is always on her phone and not fully present.

But, I took Ginger home for a nap while Mr. Mustard went to the T-Mobile store, and when he came home, I found that I didn't have a choice because he had already upgraded. So, now I am fully in the 21st century and spent a lot of last night after the girls went to bed downloading apps. Who knew a phone could do so much? I've definitely been sucked in...but I am not letting it take over my life! Don't worry...I won't become one of those people with my face always stuck in my phone. :-)

Last night we had a little date while Grandma Pat watched the girls. We went to our favorite French restaurant and for a walk on the beach. Then, on the drive home we remembered our friends had just moved to our neighborhood that afternoon, but we didn't remember their address. Thanks to our phones, we could check email, get directions...and we paid them a little visit. So, I guess those phones are already coming in handy!


Hope your weekend was a good one!


Devon said...

It is easy to let your phone overtake you but I think just remembering the purpose it has and to only use it when necessary...I actually find I am on my computer less since I have my phone and when me and the girls are playing, we're playing!

It's all about balance! Glad you made it into the 21st century!

Lauren said...

Sounds like you guys are definitely making the best of your family time together.

Stephanie said...

I have an iPhone and I like it because I was at the children's museum with my kids and something came up with a real estate deal I was working on and I was able to receive and send a couple emails in minutes to solve the problem and then be re focused on my kids instead of worrying about the problem until we got home, had lunch, and put Maggie down for a nap!