Friday, March 18, 2011

Day of Green!


So, the leprechaun business has really taken on a life of its own. Had I known that St. Patrick's Day was such a magical holiday for children, I would have planned accordingly.

Paprika spent the afternoon telling me all the tricky and naughty things the leprechaun did at her school...and that she was determined to find him. At school, he only left behind green footprints, his gold hat, and his shadow. Oh, and the gold coins of chocolate.


Somehow or other she got it into her head that he must be hiding in our backyard. Had I been prepared, I would have left little hints and clues around for her to find...or almost find...that leprechaun!


Paprika decided she wanted to lure the leprechaun out of hiding, so we cut up some green celery for him (because obviously he only likes to eat green things). After that didn't work, she insisted that the leprechaun had a castle over by our rose bushes, and we had to stealthfully infiltrate it.


I am really hoping the magic of St. Patrick's Day lasts a few more years for her. I have lots of plans for next year, including green hair for us all. Paprika definitely won't eat anything green, and Ginger is 50/50 on I am going to have to get creative. Ideas are appreciated.


Even after searching high and low for the little leprechaun, we really could not find him anywhere. Go figure! But it was fun looking for him.


Ginger, of course, was the best sport. I don't think she knew exactly what was going on with the leprechaun business, but she did a pretty convincing job searching for him.


She thinks everything is just about the funniest thing ever. She has such a big sense of humor and reminds me to laugh at the little things every day.


Her smile is catching- and it's hard not to have fun when she is around!


It's almost the weekend! I am so excited to see Mr. Mustard and just enjoy having him around a bit! Yay! Hope your weekend is great!

Oh, and tomorrow is my Five Year Anniversary of this blog- my 5 year blogoversary! When I think back at all the things that have happened since I started this blog, it blows me away. So much it makes my head spin! Life is incredible, isn't it? More thoughts on that later. :-)

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Traci said...

Beautiful pictures Erika! I enjoyed looking at blog today:) I found you through your comments on blogs I visit. Have a great weekend with your beautiful family.