Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beach Babies!


The word on the street is that we have a huge storm coming in on Thursday, so we've been taking advantage of the sunshine while we can.


Yesterday, Paprika really wanted to go to the beach. She wanted to swim, but I convinced her that collecting seashells would be just as good. Thankfully, she was okay with that (it's not quite warm enough yet to swim without a wetsuit).

The rain had packed down the sand, so even though it was very windy, we didn't have sand blowing in our eyes.


And I think the rain over the weekend scared everyone away, because we had the whole place to ourselves.


I love swings on the beach. I still get such a kick out of them, and obviously, so do the girls!


Nothing like swinging in the sunshine with the ocean at your back and a cool breeze on your face!


I love our special beach days and my little beach babies.


We came home with our pails full of little seashells and lots and lots of sand! ;-)



Kim said...

Looks like soooo much fun!! I know Brennan would love the beach right about now (and me too!)

Sheila said...

How cool the beach and swingsets, I love it!!! Everyone looks to be having a lot of fun.