Monday, March 14, 2011

We Are All Connected


Just like everyone else, we have been thinking a lot of Japan. The footage is so heartbreaking and terrifying. It happened so suddenly, and as coastal people, I know it could happen right here in our backyard, too.

On Saturday we heard that there was a Tsunami warning for our community. I don't know if the media is just getting people worked up, but we were down at the beach most of the weekend and it was business as usual.


Maybe a few more surfers than usual...


It's hard to know what to do in this situation. I feel so helpless half-way across the world. It is so shocking to watch the videos of the disaster. My heart and prayers really go out to everyone affected. It could have easily happened right here...I know that. The ocean is so beautiful, mysterious, and powerful. It's one of the reasons we are so drawn towards it. What are you doing to help the people of Japan?


Today I had my first day solo with Mr. Mustard back at DWTS. I took the girls to feed the ducks and play at the playground for the afternoon.


Paprika made friends with a little boy while we were there. His mom was cracking up at all the funny things Paprika says. Like at one point, Paprika wanted to climb this really tall tree, and the mom said she thought it wasn't a good idea. Paprika looked at her and in her sweetest voice said, "Don't you worry. I am a tree expert." Where does that come from?! Such confidence.


Ginger had a great time going down the slides, and running around, and acting like she is 20 months going on 4 years old. She is so much fun - a little ball of energy!


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Sheila said...

Love the photos.

On a serious note:

I went to the "Embassy of Japan in the United States" website. They have organizations that are already helping the people of Japan listed. If you feel like making a donation this is a valuable resource already in place and connected to sources in Japan.
I would imagine closer to home for you would be to reach out to a Buddhist church and see if they have something set up to send relief or for anyone willing to open their homes or a hand to people looking to leave Japan for the time being. Often churches are more effective in caring for people in crisis beyond the basic needs.