Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Perfect Day!


Have you ever just had a perfect day that you wanted to remember forever? Friday was one of those days.

Paprika had piano lessons in the morning. After a little prodding, we all got out the door, and arrived just as the lesson was beginning (not 15 minutes early like usual). Ginger played with a little boy there, and before I knew it, it was time to go home! So much easier than last week where I was chasing her out of every room at the studio.

We came home and Paprika asked if we could have a picnic outside for lunch. Sure! I couldn't find our picnic blanket, but no biggie...I used one of the quilts off the big bed in Ginger's room.


After a yummy lunch, the girls snuggled and played with eachother. Then, the weather was so beautiful, we broke out the bounce house. Yay!


The girls bounced the day away and had a blast throwing around the balls.


And laughing. A lot.


It was just the most perfect, sunny day.


Ginger played until she was exhausted, and then she went inside and took a nice long nap while I played outside with Paprika for a few more hours.


Not every day can be so perfect, of course. Some days are filled with a seemingly endless list of chores that have to be done...a big long to-do, check-the-box list to keep the house standing. I know our days are numbered with days like year Paprika will be in Kindergarten 5 days/week and our sweet afternoons like this will be a memory (or something we look forward to at vacation).


All of those thoughts swirling in my head made this day that much sweeter. Just perfect.


That night we played games together and made Play-Doh sculptures, and had talks about all sorts of things. Mr. Mustard came home at a reasonable hour...and the girls got to spend time with him before bed.


Can a day be any better than that? I want to remember this day forever and ever. Days like this are my idea of what Heaven must be like.


The End.

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Lauren said...

I'm glad you all had the perfect day. I love it when that happens. You can never plan it - it just happens. Thank goodness for blogs so that we can capture and always remember those perfect days.