Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Million Things


A million things have happened this week, just little things I want to remember. Ginger is really picky about her shoes and only has wanted to wear one worn-out, hand-me down pair of her big sister's...despite the fact she has her own little shoe wardrobe (cute baby shoes are something I cannot resist!)

I had put these cute little black ones up on Ebay because I gave up on her ever wearing them. Then last night, the girls were having a "dance party"- and Paprika was all dressed up in her ballerina princess dress and her sparkly shoes. Ginger came up to me with the most pathetic face and said, "Wo mama is baby's pitty spark sho?" (Translation: Where mama, is baby's pretty sparkle shoes?)

I knew just which shoes would do the trick, got them out, and she hasn't wanted them off her feet since. Good thing they didn't sell on Ebay, right?


It's been raining buckets most days. Paprika loves going outside and having a big splash-fest in the rain.


She dances around, and then runs up to the backdoor, knocks on it, and when I answer she says: I've just jumped across one hundred puddles. Can you believe it?

Like dancing in the rain is the most magical and wonderful thing she's ever done.


Speaking of magic, this week was the Teddy Bear Picnic at school. All the kids brought their teddy bears and made little wagons out of cardboard boxes for them. Paprika brought her favorite ballerina teddy bear (a present from Mimi and Pop Pop), and had the most wonderful time.


They threw the teddy bears up on the parachute, and then later the kids got under the parachute themselves! Magic!


Today I had a doctor's appointment in Beverly Hills. Mr. Mustard is usually home on Thursdays but today he had to work, so I took the girls to the appointment and he met me there and watched them while I had my visit.

They were both so good. I mean, it took us an hour to get there, then the appointment was an hour, and then it took almost two hours to get home.


They were soooo excited to eat the chocolate muffins in the cafe at the doctor's office. It made the whole trip worthwhile for them. Mr. Mustard texted me these cell phone pics while I was at my appointment. Cute, huh?


Speaking of photos, I got my big camera back today from DWTS. They had it for a week! I am so excited to use it again. Having it gone, I realized just how much I missed it. I think I would rather give up toothpaste than go without my camera again! I think everyone around me would disagree. Ha!

Paprika has been really into watercolors lately. She is prolific. I am wallpapering our house with her art (not really, but kinda).


Ginger's favorite fashion accessory is an adult sized sock on her hand. She wears them as gloves and gets so upset if you try to take them off. My little fashionista!


The End.

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Devon said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that first pic of ginger! and loving that you can get cell phone pics - ha!