Monday, March 21, 2011

Stormy Weekend!


We spent pretty much the whole day outside today in the sun. We laid out in the backyard and soaked it up, and then headed to the beach. I took a ton of pictures, which I will post later. DWTS still has my camera (I can't wait to see what they're shooting with it!)- so I have been carrying around my point and shoot to catch the action.

Friday, Paprika had her piano lesson. It is really enjoyable for her. And I'm glad. Because it's not so enjoyable for me! ;-) Ha! All the rooms at the studio are sound proof, which is great. But for the 45 minute lesson, Ginger runs everywhere...and if a door opens, she will run right in and interrupt whatever is going on.

So, basically, I spend the entire 45 minutes chasing after Ginger and getting a lot of dirty looks from people because, oh, did I mention...she is loud?! Adorable, but yes, no volume control yet. When she gets excited, she just has to let people know!


Paprika is really excelling at piano, and we will probably start private lessons for her in the Fall when she turns 5. Right now it's a class with three students. Hopefully the teacher in the Fall will make housecalls! Haha.


Over the weekend, it rained soooooo very much. Crazy, insane amounts of rain. Our storage unit flooded and we were collecting rain water from the ceiling in our living room. I didn't feel so bad, though, because our neighbor just built a huge, gorgeous new home about two years ago on their lot (after tearing down the original house)...and their leaks were worse than ours! I think everyone was just trying to stay dry.

That made time for indoor projects. One of which was excavating this triceratops skeleton and putting it together. I got the triceratops skeleton because that is Paprika's favorite dinosaur (by far). When I gave her the box and she saw what it was, she said it was the best present she ever gotten and kissed the box over and over while jumping up and down. Success! :-)


Saturday night we went to a dance production of The Jungle Book at a private school in Bel Air. It was awesome- lots of pyrotechnics and acrobatics in the show...oh yes, and dancing, too! Paprika loved it, and Ginger did great until the last 5 minutes. It was a two hour show with a 15 minute I thought that was really good for her!

Sunday, Mr. Mustard and I had a date. We were originally going to walk on the beach and have dinner downtown, but the weather was so crazy we knew that wasn't happening. So, we went to see The Lincoln Lawyer, which ended up being awesome. I love movies about Los Angeles, and Matthew McConaughey is always fun to watch. Of course, I always feel a little silly paying a babysitter so we can go watch a movie. When you add it all up, it adds up! ;-) But, going to movies is one of those things Mr. Mustard and I love to do together, always did before we had kids, and so it's really special for us. And it makes it even better when it's a fun it was a great date!

That is pretty much the weekend wrap up. It's sunny here now, and I hope it lasts! :-)

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Anonymous said...

It rained all weekend here too! So nice you had a date night...I LOVE those :)