Thursday, March 10, 2011



The day before Papaw Dave and Nana Nancy left, we went to the "big" Aquarium. The jellyfish did not disappoint. I could look at them for hours. They are the lava lamp of the aquatic world.

Paprika loves the sea dogs. I think she would swim all day with them if she could.


I saved the birds for last. It's always the highlight of the trip to the big "Requarium" (as Paprika likes to call it).


My dad got such joy out of the birds eating out of his hand. I think it was one of his favorite moments of the trip.


Pretty birds. I kind of wish I could take them home with me, too. Except for the noise. And oh yes, the poop. Nevermind.


The girls can always find the most fun in the most unlikely of places. We were eating up the sunshine and enjoying every second of that warm afternoon. The girls, especially.


Paprika has been begging to share a room with Ginger. The first night my dad was here, I came into Paprika's room (after I had put both girls to bed in their own rooms) and found this scene:


It was too cute to break up. I opted to get my camera instead and let it go on for awhile. About two hours and lots of giggles later, both girls were sound asleep in their own beds.


Paprika painted our driveway purple with her chalk drawings (all in purple, of course!) She has a newfound love of hopscotch and wants us all to play it with her. Makes me feel like a schoolgirl again, and I quite like it!


And nothing beats an afternoon at the pier, looking out into the great blue yonder. I know it won't long before these girls are asking to surf in those cold Pacific waters. Maybe I'll join them! Or at least cheer them on from the shore! :-)



Lauren said...

Lovely pictures :)

Sheila said...

Wonderful times shared, sweet memories made.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure ya'll are busy preparing for the earthquakes and water headed to the west coast.
Be safe.

siri said...

Those pictures of the girls in bed together just melt my heart!!!

Brenna said...

Oh Erika, the pictures of your girls cuddled up together reading are just SO sweet. I love them! Hugs to you all~