Thursday, February 3, 2011



Paprika started soccer last weekend. She has been asking to do it for a few months now, so we signed her up. We haven't had any rain for about a month, but of course that morning it poured. The kids played anyway, and had a great time doing it. Maybe even more fun than if it had been dry?

I got Paprika's little soccer ensemble on Ebay. $4 for the Adidas cleats, and the jersey was $5. But...I guess you could say a miscalculated a little on the jersey size. The good news is she'll be able to wear it until she's in junior high school.


Ginger wanted to play, too. I have to say, she knows her way around the soccer ball and the field. She's too little to join, though...but give her a few years.


After practice, Paprika came home and practiced all afternoon in the backyard. She's actually quite good at it...coordinated, fast, and not afraid of the ball (my weakness). I got her cones and her own soccer ball, and she's been having a blast. The skies even cleared up after she left practice and we had a beautiful sunny day. I'm so glad she's enjoying soccer and I hope that it's something she can play for a long time.