Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monster Chase!


Know what Paprika loves to do more than anything else? Play hide and seek in the backyard. Nevermind that there are only four places to hide.

Her other favorite thng to do is play monster chase, which is basically just tag while acting like a monster. I think she probably runs 5 miles/day doing this...and no, she hasn't taken a nap since she was 16 months old.

Endless energy, I tell ya!

Papirka is also dressing herself now. And what does she pick to wear? My sweatshirts! Do you think they might be a little too big? We took the girls out for dinner the other night and she wore her new favorite sweatshirt. Let's just say we got a few looks. When she has the hood up, she kinda looks like an Ewok, so I get why people were staring. Ha!


I think this is only the beginning of her borrowing my clothes. Hopefully someday I will be borrowing her clothes. Isn't that a funny thought?


Sheila said...

I love you for letting her be herself and not caring what others may think about it.
Big time Granny hugs to you ;)
Given that she loves to run it's no surprise soccer would thrill her so.

It won't be long now till you'll have to explain about judgemental thoughts others have. I hope it'll never happen. I really didn't appreciate others making my children feel odd or different just because they were happy being who they were.

Hope ya'll have a sunshine, full of giggles day.

Lauren said...

LOL picturing Paprika walking into the restaurant with your sweatshirt on. :)