Friday, February 18, 2011

When The Sun Goes Down!


I've been trying to come up with creative things to do inside when the sun goes down. We've been baking things, and of course, Ginger is all over that.

The only problem is that I have yet to learn that baking is an exact science, not something you can just wing. Let's just say that this batch of cookies turned out...interesting (another word for inedible).


Watercolors before bedtime have become a little bit of a tradition around here.


One of Paprika's favorite nighttime activities is putting on makeup...especially my makeup!


A little heavy handed? Or not?


Other big recent night activities have been playing Alice In Wonderland, fancy tea parties, blowing bubbles (indoors!), playing "dance party" in the living room for hours, and of course, very very long baths!


Lauren said...

Dance parties are always a lot of fun, plus it should tire out the kids. You're such a fun & creative mom!

FourJedis said...

How beautiful!!