Sunday, February 20, 2011

Celebration of Little Milestones!


Last week Ginger and Paprika both had little milestones to celebrate. Paprika had her half birthday on Wednesday, so now she's officially 4 and a half. Closer to 5 than 4. Sigh.

Ginger turned 20 months on Friday...which I guess is not really that big of a milestone, but it just means she's that much closer to 2. What?!


We tried to go for a walk again down at the beach. This time we had a new strategy. We ditched the stroller and instead I carried her on my back in the Ergo for as long as she would allow. Then we let her walk.


Paprika was at school when we took this little walk, so we only had Ginger to watch...which made things so much easier. Isn't it amazing how when you have one child you think it's the hardest thing in the world, and then when you're juggling two you wonder...what was I thinking?! That was so easy! I guess it's all relative! I know people with three think two is a piece of cake...and so on!


It ended up being a great little walk- much better for us all, including Ginger. One thing I've learned is that by working with what your child wants instead of against it, we can all be a lot happier.


Afterwards, we went to pick Paprika up from school. Ginger loves it because she gets to play on all the equipment and with the bigger kids.


Paprika is so fiercely protective of her little sister. She kept chasing the big boys away from Ginger and saying, "Don't worry, my sweetheart. I will protect you!"


I should probably write a post about the new things they're doing now since this is a milestone post. Maybe just a quick little bit here (this is more for me than anyone else):

Paprika: Writes words, can sound out words, and read some words by sight. Loves to draw elaborate pictures and play hide and seek in the backyard. Loves to sign her name to everything and write me and Daddy little cards. Loves soccer and running. Loves to stay up late and sleep in. Doing better with eating more foods and trying new things. Will now try some foods (take a bite) even if she doesn't want anymore afterwards. Her favorite foods are crunchy and of course, anything chocolate! Remembers anything and everything.

Ginger: Saying a lot of words and some short sentences. Wants to be a grown-up (or at least do everything a four and a half year old does!) Climbs everything. Tries to jump off the ground with both feet but not quite there yet (but looks adorable trying). Loves fruit, turkey, cheese, and anything with mayo. Adores chocolate. Very picky about her clothes and shoes. Loves dogs and cats, and knows all her animals and the sounds they make (even fox, owl, and macaw). Knows and can say all the major body parts. Loves baths (but she makes sure to tell me: "no bubbles"). Understands everything. Favorite things to do are kiss, hug, nurse, and snuggle.


So, there ya have it. The four and a half year and 20 month update! They are growing up so very fast...


Stephanie said...

Happy Milestones! Josie has her four and a half "birthday" this week and her preschool celebrates them by letting the summer birthday kids celebrate their half birthdays with treats and a happy birthday song! Maggie is 20 months as well and man is she bossy! I call her my boss lady because basically I do most things that she wants;)

FourJedis said...

That's great stuff~ I've enjoyed catching up on your blog and I have to say you look amazing! :) Congrats to the girls on their milestones!