Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blue Skies!


My favorite activity lately? Laying in the grass with Paprika and figuring out what different things (mostly animals) the clouds look like.


She can come up with a million things...a top hat, a boat, a caterpillar, a cotton ball (good one!)...


Even a marshmallow. But we both agreed that was pretty silly.



Lauren said...

Ahh, the simple things in life! Love it!

Sheila said...

Just gotta love this girl ;)
One of my all time favorite activities!
It's also fun to blow bubbles while she lays in the grass and see how many colors and bubbles she can count.You have to position yourself so they will float over her head with the breeze. Mind you the urge to get up and chase them is gonna take over. Yipee!
Spring then summer will bring flowers,hummingbirds, butterflies and night time lightning bugs to catch in peanut butter jars.

Life is sweet and the livin is easy :) You've got to be lovin your life. A day without a smile or giggles is sad indeed.
My giggle moment yesterday was watching my grandson wiggle his piggy toes in the sunshine on our stroller ride in the neighborhood.
Just couldn't help it. Every time his toes would wiggle, so did my heart.

Devon said...

love this!