Friday, February 11, 2011

Little O.B. and Miss Independent!


Wednesday was Career Day at Paprika's preschool. All the kids had to dress up as a member of the community. I was one of the parents helping out that day, so I got to be there for the whole thing.

The night before school, I asked Paprika what she wanted to be, and she said "a doctor." And so I said, "What kind of doctor?" And she said, "The kind who helps mommies with babies in their tummies." So, I said, "I guess that means you're an obstetrician."

Well, I thought it went over her head, but what do I know?! The next day at school, when the teacher asked her what she was, she said in the clearest voice, "I'm an obstetrician. I help mommies with babies in their tummies." And throughout the day, whenever anyone would ask her what she was dressed as, she would always say the same answer: an obstetrician.

So cute!


Thursday after we dropped Paprika off at preschool, the rest of us swung by the beach to have a nice stroll and enjoy the sunshine.


Well, that's what Mr. Mustard and I had planned anyway. Ginger had different ideas. She did not want to be in the stroller at all. I ran into this snafu last week, but this week it was so much worse. She was furious that we weren't letting her run free (amidst skateboarders, bikes, and rollerbladers).


Well, eventually it got to be too much. We were about a mile from our car and she did not want to be held or be in the stroller. All she wanted to do was push the stroller. With no help from us. She would get sooooo mad if we laid even a finger on the stroller.

So, we let her push the stroller all the way back to the car. We were watching over her very closely to make sure she didn't get hit, and she was so focused on pushing it that she wasn't going to run off.

All I can say is that she really is Miss Independent and she doesn't want anyone to help her with anything, even pushing the stroller! As soon as we let her push the stroller, she was as happy as could be! So funny!



Sheila said...

viva la difference! another memorable day for you all.

Danielle said...

Both of my girls starting doing that with the stroller...not wanting us to even lay a finger on it. Actually, Elle has just upgraded and now she wants to do the grocery cart. Yikes!