Monday, February 21, 2011

Here Comes The Sun!


It rained hard most of the day on Saturday. We discovered that parts of our ceiling resemble swiss cheese, and had to put buckets to use to keep dry. That was kinda fun- felt almost like camping...indoors!

I also got to use my new rainboots. I bought them a month ago and this was my first chance to wear them!

On Friday night, I did a huge re-organize of all the girls' toys. Mr. Mustard was at work really late, so I stayed up until about 4am working on it. I got rid of stuff, put everything back where it really belonged (as opposed to where it usually gets thrown at the end of the night).


I know it will eventually go back to being the disorganized pile it was...but hopefully I can keep it all in order for awhile. The next morning when the girls woke up, they played with all different toys than they usually do! It was almost like they got a whole new set of toys overnight. It is amazing what a difference being able to find stuff makes! Seriously!

So, the first part of the weekend we just hung out inside mostly, except for our family dinner out on Saturday night. Sometime on Saturday, Ginger demonstrated why it is soooo important to strap your furniture to the walls when you have a toddler. Good thing we did that!


We found her like this after she walked into another room and we hadn't heard her for 30 seconds. She was pretty pleased with herself.


On Sunday, the rain stopped and we were able to get outside for some sunshine. Here are a few pics from our afternoon hanging out at home:





Paprika had to water the plants, even though it had rained about 10 inches the day before. She insisted on it...said they were still thirsty! I think she just wanted to use her pretty watering can that Mimi gave her for Christmas. Can't say I blame her!


Hope your three day weekend was happy and sunshine-filled. We did some fun stuff today (President's Day), so I'll post about that later!

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Sheila said...

Ginger has become a string bean. I'd be proud too if I could climb in the second to lowest drawer and sit happily with my toy ;)
Glad to see her in action in the Little Tikes swing. I bought the blue one a month ago for my grandsons. Good choice Granny.
Bummer about the roof! I hope it won't be costly to repair. I discovered a water line leak that was still pouring in my garden cottage >;{ it had to have been pouring about a week. Mold was growing already. I couldn't help it, I cried. Not much of a crier but I love my special little space outside. I prep my hummingbird and bird feeders, pot plants, listen to music, rock on the porch, watch butterflies and birds. I have a mini fridge I fill with water, cokes,popsicles... my backyard sanctuary. I'm just so glad I hadn't had the grandsons walk on the floor with paint on their feet to capture their footprints yet. Fortunately my hubby found a company that can restore it free of mold where it won't have to be torn down.
It's really my Granny garden cottage. I've got a lot of work to get it back in shape before spring and summer. Don't be surprised if Paprika has one of these when she grows up. I sense a kindred spirit.
Love the photos of her merrily watering her plants. I bet she talks to them too. She's right, they like it. They grow all the prettier and faster when nurtured.